Discovery Ends Gun Reality Shows, Including Nugent

Best Persons:

In addition to cancelling its popular “American Guns” reality show, The Discovery Channel confirmed to Raw Story on Tuesday that firearms enthusiast Ted Nugent will also not be returning to the channel in any form or fashion.

Speaking to Raw Story in remarks specified as “not for attribution,” a spokesperson admitted that “Ted Nugent’s Gun Country” didn’t do very well when it aired in October, even with fellow firearms fashionistas. Nielsen Ratings placed the viewership at about 864,000 people in all. But the network’s decision is not just about the numbers.

After Friday’s devastating massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the spokesperson said that Nugent would definitely not be returning to the Discovery Channel.

These are the types of shows that fuel the sick and twisted gun culture in America, making it somehow synonymous with masculinity and power. Neither should be the case. I consider people like Nugent to be cowards, hiding behind specious bumper sticker slogans and heavy weaponry as a means of masking their fear and, you know, shortcomings.

  • Craig Richardson

    “…heavy weaponry as a means of masking their fear and, you know, shortcomings.”

    Mindless slugs like you should make me laugh, but it’s not funny and I’m not laughing. Not anymore. But, in the future, when and if you need to defend yourself , your wife, or your children against a home intruder, burglar, rapist, mugger, or murderer, just whip out that masculinity that you’re referring to there, Bob. I’m sure the psychopath, with whatever weapon he brought with him, will get a chuckle out of it, and maybe even take it as a “trophy” to show as a JOKE.

  • Kerry Reid

    Couple things:
    1) His crude assassination fantasies about President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton weren’t enough to get his ass canned?
    2) Didn’t Lil Teddy promise us he’d be dead or in jail if the president were re-elected? Just another lying dickless GOP bag of pus.

  • Draxiar

    “Ted Nugent’s Gun Country”

    Is that the country where you shit yourself for a week in order to avoid the Vietnam War? Yeah…what a hero.

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Good catch. Yep, the same ‘badass’.

    • LOMuirthile

      Ted Nugent, standing on the shoulders of those who actually fought to spew his hate, but always dodging responsibility. A coward by any measure.

  • MrDHalen

    The Discovery Channel has lost it’s way along with The History Channel close behind them. I don’t know what happened to TLC – The Learning Channel. Anyway, I applaud their quick decision and change of course.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      And thanks to the hiring of Jeff Zucker as it’s new president, CNN will closely follow suit.