Emergency Muslims

Stephen Colbert explains how Fox News handles running out of fresh stories -- break the glass and pull out the emergency Muslims.

I hope whichever producer came up with "Mosque-rade" hanged his/her head in shame for the entirety of the day.

  • mrbrink

    That’s how Fox rolls out of bed. It’s just fucking weird hearing morning show hosts use words and phrases like, “Leftists” and “the left” and deliver words of imminent conquer with the crazy-eye certainty and veneer-confidence of the V people so early in the morning.

    It’s like NAZI pancakes smothered in tears of Native American syrup.

    Adding, I’ve been watching Fox in the morning off and on all week. From the legs to the dregs. They are bona fide sociopaths.

  • muselet

    “Fighting with music and dance? Have we learned nothing from West Side Story?”