Eric Holder Supports National Voting Standards

I love this:

Attorney General Eric Holder said during a speech on Tuesday night at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library that it’s time to consider setting national standards for how elections should be handled.

“A recent study by the MacArthur Foundation found that nearly 90 percent of those who voted in last month’s election would support creating national voting standards,” Holder said, according to prepared remarks. “That’s why it is important for national leaders, academic experts, and members of the public to engage in a frank, thorough, and inclusive discussion about how our election systems can be made stronger and more accessible.”

I've written about this idea before, and it looks like Barbara Boxer introduced legislation to "force local election officials to provide a minimum level of election resources." It's not a huge step, but it's a positive one.

  • bphoon

    Last night Rachel Maddow showed a video clip from April 1960 of Martin Luther King testifying before Congress on behalf of developing national voting standards. Nearly 53 years ago. We’ve really made a lot of progress since then, huh?

    • mrbrink

      Which is why they need to repeal The Voting Rights act immediately! Immediately!

      They’ve obviously learned their lesson.

  • muselet

    The cynic in me says those states actively trying to make voting more difficult will blame them damn meddling bureaucrats in Washington and their ridiculous regulations for any future problems. Win-win (the voters lose, of course, but they’re not exactly a high priority nowadays).