Open Thread

Grownups in Congress

Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, the White House reiterated once again today that there will be no deal with the GOP that does not include raising tax rates on the highest earners.

Also -- you should check out the Detroit Free Press's scathing editorial on Governor Rick Snyder's Right to Work push.

  • muselet

    “And until last week, we believed him.” “In short, we trusted Snyder’s judgment.” “Our reasoning was sound, and it remains so.”

    The editorial is a long series of excuses—though, tellingly, not apologies—for the paper’s poor judgment in acting as a cheerleader for Rick Snyder. As Charlie Pierce put it:

    And, yes, I realize that Rick Snyder ran a bait-and-switch to get elected. The man is a Republican. That should have been enough of a warning. And the man took over entire towns, throwing out elected governments and installing his cronies, and his authoritarian chutzpah surprises you now?

    Now that’s scathing.


    • agrazingmoose

      Especially coming from that conservative newspaper.

      • nicole

        The Free Press is actually the more liberal of our two major papers in the Detroit area. The Detroit News is very conservative.

  • nicole

    >>>”you should check out the Detroit Free Press’s scathing editorial on Governor Rick Snyder’s Right to Work push.”

    There’s no way to stop it from going through, and I believe Snyder is signing it tomorrow.

    Come 2014 however, Michigan Democrats are going to teach Republicans a lesson they will never forget! And, we WILL reverse the right to work law (presuming it’s possible).

    I am really upset about this, goddammit! I did my part and told people that we had to pass the union proposals in order to avoid right to work legislation, but too many were taken in by the dishonest damn commercials. sigh………..

    FUCK Rick Snyder, and his whiny ass phallus-challenged self!