Mark Halperin

Halperin ‘Doubles Down’ with Sequel to ‘Game Change’

The title of the new Halperin book about the election contains the most annoying, hackish and over-used political colloquialism of 2012. Total shocker coming from a hackish and over-used nothing like Halperin:

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, who wrote the best seller Game Change, about the 2008 presidential campaign, will publish a book about the just-concluded election under the title Double Down: Game Change 2012, the New York Times reports.

"Double down" and "game change" in the same title. Smart! And judging by the content of the original Game Change book, I can only imagine the unsourced hacktastical awfulness inside.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I’m sure it’ll be full of reasons why Obama’s re-election is bad news for his re-election chances.

  • bphoon

    How about Double Down: We’re Doing This For the Money?

  • muselet

    Can we expect Mark Halperin to generate yet another doorstop in four years with the title All In: Double Down: Game Change 2016?


  • JMAshby

    Double Down Game Change?

    Why not just go with Knock Knock Who’s There?

  • roxsteady

    I can’t even look at Halperin. His mouth reminds me of my uncle who had a stroke and appeared to have a perpetual grimace. As for this book title, it really is pretty lame. I’d have gone with Double Dump: The Heretic!

  • Jeff Fecke

    I would have gone with “Game Change 2: Electric Boogaloo.”