Cory Booker

I Think Cory Booker’s Going to Run for Governor

He kind of slipped up yesterday during a Skype interview:

"When I go out and campaign next year... for myself as a gubernatorial candidate or for another gubernatorial candidate should I decide not to run -- when I talk to crowds or to individuals advocating for whoever that candidate is, I'm not gonna do it on anything but the issues."

Elipses mine, because there's a very distinct pause after "next year" where he appears to have caught himself blabbing his plans. But only Booker knows for sure. I can tell you this: it'll be the toughest campaign of his career against a very popular Chris Christie. That said, Christie is terrible on policy and Booker could out-hustle him on that front.

  • D_C_Wilson

    That might be a mistake on his part. Christi is going to be a tough opponent. Booker’s best shot is hoping Christi’s donors are still pissed that he said nice things about the Kenyan Muslim usurper.

    • JackDaniel07

      Imagine, though, if he rids us of that “Put ‘From The Neck Up Only’ In ALL CAPS In My Rider” CheesyPoof for good!

  • ranger11

    Did you see “Street Fight”? His first run for Newark Mayor was pretty tough.