Lawrence O’Donnell Eviscerated Gingrich on Tax Hikes

From yesterday's Meet the Press, O'Donnell just totally nailed Gingrich:

For the last time: tax cuts are one of the least efficient ways to stimulate economic growth and if the four tax cuts Gingrich mentioned were so effective, how is it that Bush's much larger $1 trillion tax cuts didn't stimulate growth and ended with huge deficits and a deep recession?

  • bphoon

    Newt Gingrich is a bloviating pontificator, nothing more. He thinks he’s the smartest guy in any room so gets to make up all the rules as he goes along.

    I’ll ask it again, Newt: If lowered tax rates for the wealthiest in our nation is the key to job growth, and the wealthiest in our nation have enjoyed lowered tax rates for eleven years now, WHERE ARE ALL THE FUCKING JOBS?

    • BD

      You are mistaking correlation with causation. There are too many contributing factors in the economy to isolate one aspect and then reflect upon it as if it is a determinant.
      The problem is a fiat currency based on the monetization of debt and most recently lending standards pushed by the government and FED which resulted in the housing boom-bust. The entire country is over leveraged, under productive, indebted and on a course of collapse. Taking the earnings of individuals, no matter their economic status, is evil. And yet all I hear is its justification…because its all about what can be taken from some and handed out to others. Theft, theft and more theft!

      • bphoon

        And another bloviating pontificator speaks…

        Hey, BD…I was wondering where you got off to. Are you sending me extracts of your manifesto to proof read here?

        For the record, it’s the GOP who claims this one aspect of our economy is the single solution to job creation. I’m simply asking them to explain when it’s supposed to start working.

  • Richard Krueger

    FOX Nation says otherwise. Oh, to be able to live in a biazzaro universe as the right-wingers do…

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I’d rather swallow Drano than live in their universe.