Morning Awesome

Morning Awesome

The Ronettes - "Sleigh Ride"

Obviously we're taking a short break from the blogging. Use this thread to discuss your Christmas Eve thoughts, events, recipes, etc...

  • mrbrink

    I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Bob Dylan Christmas because it’s hilarious.

    “Do you hear what I hear?”

    Ha ha!

    “Must Be Santa Claus” appears to be a video about an LSD freak-out at a Christmas party hosted by the ghost of Bob Dylan.

    I love the really bad Christmas songs/videos. There are some really unbelievably bad Christmas songs out there.

    I’ll watch It’s A Wonderful Life tonight and probably cry a little bit by the time I see the look on “Mary’s” face at the end when Uncle Billy dumps all the money on the table says, “Mary did it all…” and she shyly shrugs it off. I love that movie, and Chez’s take on Bedford Falls on the show a couple weeks ago was just hilarious. It still cracks me up thinking about it. I loved Bob seeming sort of caught off guard by that. One of the many reasons, regardless of differing perspectives, I really enjoy Chez’s take. I remember wondering what he thinks about the transformation of Times Square from the 70’s to now. The “Disneyfication” of Times Square? You guys are doing brilliant radio by the way.

    This Christmas I got my older brother who lives in Weedtopia, Washington the Star Wars Trilogy, on Laser Disc, and in its original non-edited format! One of my least favorite things in this world might be the edits Lucas did to Empire Strikes Back, and especially Jedi. When I was in my early teens, “I saw Jedi in the theater 21 times, eh.” But he still collects laser discs. We could be hicks. I’m not sure. I haven’t given him anything in years, but I was just out there a few weeks ago visiting from Chicago and I had a really great time seeing him. We had a terrible fight one Thanksgiving at his house because I told him Pearl Jam was a better band than Creed. He was a huge Creed fan. I know. But he took it seriously, like the big baby he can be, and that argument left such lingering distance between us and for the stupidest reasons. It’s obvious Pearl Jam was clearly the better band, even 12 years ago when we had the argument. Ha ha! But he’s someone I can talk politics with, I recently discovered. Voted for Obama. Growing up, he used to buy all the comedy records and tapes and we’d just listen to Steve Martin Wild and Crazy Guy, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams at the Met, Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay, Eddie Murphy…on and on. And movies. he was older so he got all the stuff with the best use of swear words. I’m one of the youngest of five brothers, but it’s my little brother who got all the trickle down genius from the rest of us, and he gives it back every time we talk. He gets me going and the funny just explodes. I’m closest to my little brother who’s actually much taller than me, but when I tell him I’ve got some blogger stuff to get to, he does the John Cusack dinner table voice and says, “Gordie wrote a story…”(bonus points for the “get”)

    Needless to say, it’s been a really great year for me. I’ve reconnected with family and strengthened bonds, and the bills haven’t crushed us. The president was re-elected, and because of Medicare and Social Security, my 67 year old mother’s alive and not living on the street after nearly dying from respiratory failure over a year ago. My girlfriend is amazing and I tell her everyday.

    And I get to read Ashby, who is one of the fiercest voices for reason you’ll find anywhere, and someone who I’d highly recommend for a Cabinet Post! if anyone ever asks me. And the great comments and community that make this place the greatest blog on the face of the Earth, earth, earth…echo, echo…

    Love you guys.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Happy Holidays, fellow Cescans!

    (that’s right, I said “holidays”)

  • Draxiar

    I’d like to wish everyone a most joyous and love filled Christmas!

    I’ve always thought of Christmas as a universal holiday that you can shape and mold to be whatever you want it to be and personalize the meaning of. So I tend to think of it as appealing and applying to many cultures, religions, secularities (if that’s a word), and people…regardless of what it’s called.

    So for however you wish to celebrate the season, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

    Peace and Joy to the world!