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Out of Order

Artist - David Fitzsimmons

In other news, an 11 year old boy in Utah reportedly carried a gun into school today because he wanted to defend himself.

I feel sorry for the kid because this is what very serious "grownups" on the TV have been advocating, and now he's facing felony charges and will never be allowed back into a regular school.

  • stacib23

    If my kid were in class with this kid, I would raise all kinds of hell if they let him back in. I totally understand that he is an eleven-year-old kid, but his thoughts went to getting a gun and he put it to the head of two other children. At 11, this kid most likely knows exactly what death is and the ability of a gun to cause that state. There is no way, as a parent, I want this kid anywhere near mine.

    • nicole

      This kid was probably scared by what happened in Conn. He also may have read or heard insane right wing adults jabbering about “if someone had had a gun there….” or “we need to arm teachers”.

      While you may be right that he could just be another lost right wingnut, I don’t think we should throw a kid away without knowing that for certain.

      • stacib23

        Would you be willing to use your kid as a test case for dealing safely with this kid and whatever issues he may have? He was “aware” enough of the power of that gun to put it to another kid’s head and threaten to kill them. That, for me, is enough. I can have all the sympathy in the world for a kid having parents that would arm him, but I’m also far more concerned with keeping my kid safe.

        • nicole

          “He was “aware” enough of the power of that gun to put it to another kid’s head and threaten to kill them.”

          I was unaware of that.

          So, no, under those circumstances, I would not want my kid in the same classroom or even the same school, with this kid.

  • nicole

    If it were my kid, I’d be raising all kinds of hell if they didn’t allow him back in to his regular school.

    On the other hand, what kind of parent allows a child that age access to a gun?

    • JMAshby

      According to the NBC report, he didn’t get the gun from his parents. An extended family member who no longer lives with them gave it to him.

      They should track them down.

      • nicole

        “They should track them down.”

        Yes, they should!

      • nathkatun7

        It’s that “extended family member” who should be punished not an
        11 year-old kid.