Poll: No One Approves of Republican Leaders in Congress

I have reservations about citing Gallup, but even if their numbers are off by a few points, this is still really bad for Republicans and great for President Obama.

27 percent of Americans approve of the way Republican leaders in congress are handling fiscal cliff negotiations, while 63 percent disapprove. The president, meanwhile, is in positive territory.

In my opinion, if these numbers hold up it will serve as proof that the election was a mandate and that the president will earn high marks for sticking to his position even if the country ends up suffering after base-jumping off the so-called fiscal cliff.

As we've pointed out many times now, what the Republicans are proposing is actually worse than sequestration, so it would be foolish to entertain it.

  • bphoon

    …what the Republicans are proposing is actually worse than sequestration, so it would be foolish to entertain it.

    Aside from being the same bullshit they put forward during the election. Apparently, they’re incapable of understanding that a clear majority of the voting public categorically rejected their economic “plans”and that elections have consequences.

    One of those consequences, GOP, is that you have no leverage in these negotiations and, in any event, the American people–even what’s left of your constituency– ain’t buying what your sellin’.

    • rob black

      We really have to do something about this 25-27%.
      They are the same percentage who, thought Dubya was a great President, think the current president was a Muslim born in another country, probably believe they have been abducted by aliens, the moon landing was staged.. etc…
      If we could round them up, we could swap them for the 41% of Texan’s who voted for Obama…or just send the whole bunch to Somalia.
      Utopia awaits us….
      In any case they (the republicans) are just swinging so wildly at this point…and nothing is connecting.
      This could be the beginning of an epic unprecedented collapse.
      The baggers are attacking Boner, Deminted running off, even the most aptly named Dick Armey leaving his cushy position.
      Rove and Morris shut up temporarily, Bloody Bill okaying upping the tax rate for the rich…
      Circular firing squads are commencing.

      • trgahan

        Unfortunetly, within that 25-27% is probably about 85% of the countries privately held wealth. They have the resources to easily weather any adverse outcomes of this fiscal cliff they created.