President Obama Supports Assault Weapons Ban, Closing Gun Show Loophole

During today's news conference, White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that President Obama supports gun control measures currently being weighed by some members of congress.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says President Barack Obama is "actively supportive" of efforts on Capitol Hill to reinstate an assault weapons ban. [...]

White House spokesman Jay Carney says Obama would also support legislation to close the gun show "loophole," which allows people to buy guns from private dealers without background checks.

The president has pledged to address gun violence in the coming weeks following Friday's deadly shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

The president can only support these measures. He can't unilaterally implement them himself. And it's up to the public to put enough pressure on congress to get the ball rolling.

  • jeremydium

    He can’t unilaterally implement these measures, but what he can do, is unambiguously put vocal support behind these measures whenever he’s on TV. Which is pretty often.

    • ranger11

      Bully Pulpit!

      • nathkatun7

        “Bully Pulpit! ”
        That is such BS in my humble opinion! Only President Obama is expected to use a Bully pulpit to solve issues that the majority of Americans have not been mobilized to demand action. Writing comments on blogs, or appearing on cable t.v. as a pundit, does not equal grassroots mobilization.

    • nathkatun7

      And then magically all the members of Congress beholden to the NRA would automatically be on board to pass legislation to control guns? Did you not follow the vicious campaign by the NRA alleging that President Obama intended to confiscate guns in order to impose a socialist dictatorship on the U.S.? I am sorry but I get really fed up by the so called progressives who are quick to pile on the president instead of focusing on the real culprits. I think piling attacks on President Obama instead of organizing and mobilizing, on the grassroots level, to challenge the NRA is cowardly!

  • chris castle

    You mean POTUS can’t simply wave his magic wand and make stuff happen?

    • nathkatun7

      Don’t say that to New York Mayor Bloomberg and NY Rep. McCarthy. As far as they are concerned President Obama is to blame for all these mass shooting because he did not “wave his magic wand” to prevent them.