Protection From Who?

People going about their regular business in Portland, Maine were caught off guard yesterday when a man was seen strolling alongside them with a fully loaded assault rifle in hand.

Portland police received more than 65 calls Monday reporting that a young man was walking through the Parkside neighborhood and the Back Cove area with an AR-15-style assault weapon. Justin Dean, 24, insisted he wasn't making any sort of statement but rather had the loaded rifle for protection while exercising his Second Amendment rights.

Dean broke no laws, but advocates on both sides of the gun-control debate said he could have picked a better way to exert his rights than by carrying a weapon in a densely populated neighborhood and on a popular walking path.

This is a subject wherein subtlety is not a strong suite of mine, and I suspect that anyone who feels that they need to carry an M4 (easily mistakable as an AR-15) with a 30 round clip for protection is most likely an unstable person or, as Bob calls it, a micro-phallus sufferer. It's either a penis extension or you're an astonishing paranoiac.

Conservative personalities like Limbaugh and Coulter regularly claim that liberals have somehow neutered Americans through feminism. Limbaugh refers to this as the "wussification" of America. But tell me the last time you saw a bleeding heart liberal carrying a combat rifle around a crowded public square for protection.

  • chopperjames619

    It’s not a 30 round clip. Get it straight, It’s a magazine. Please ban clips cause I will still be able to purchase magazines.

  • mrbrink

    The Second Amendment wasn’t written for these fucking imbeciles to get it on with their guns in public.

  • stacib23

    If this guy were shot by somebody that claimed the stand your ground law, who would the NRA champion?

    • D_C_Wilson

      The AR-15.

  • nicole

    “a micro-phallus sufferer”

    I swear, I am becoming convinced that a large segment of the GOP gun-toting population is afflicted with tiny penis syndrome. I mean, they act like these guns, these death inflicting tools, are an extension of their manhood. Completely disgusting!

    This happened in my area of Michigan last April.

    Can’t we kick these people/morons to………a curb in the middle of the Pacific??!

  • Nefercat

    …astonishing paranoiac”

    And would that qualify as a mental illness requiring limitations on access to gun ownership?

    Paranoias and psychotic breaks with reality would seem to be a reasonable starting point toward looking at which mental conditions do not mesh well with gun ownership, but all I am seeing since Newtown is mental illness = violent person, with no qualifications.

    I keep seeing references to the necessity of tracking the “mentally ill” but I have seen no indications of any realization that mental illness *in and of itself* does not necessarily equal a tendency toward violence.

    I do have professional experience in crisis work with the mentally ill and with domestic violence issues.

    I do not want to see a false sense of security from labeling the mentally ill as those who should not have access to guns, while not looking at those who are sane but angry and who kill many many people every year.

  • muselet

    Justin Dean, 24, insisted he wasn’t making any sort of statement …

    Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.