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Holy hell. Well, maybe if Fox News stopped acting like a subsidiary of the NRA, maybe that'd help, whaddayathink Rupe?

  • i_am_allwrite

    Also, he meant that the U.S. should adopt gun laws like those enacted in Australia (Oz) after a similar tragedy.

  • i_am_allwrite

    It’s too late to get into heaven, Rupert. But maybe not too late to book the Lee Atwater “I thought I’d have more time to redeem myself” suite in hell.
    Burn baby burn.

  • Nate Currey

    “When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons?”

    I know! Like, seriously, I’m TOTALLY with you, Rupert… How can we POSSIBLY influence these gosh, darn senseless politicians, ya know?? I mean.. it’s a real head scratcher…

    Someone tell Rupert that until he uses his media monopoly for real public service to stfu.

  • chris

    Would be cool if this Rupert dude had some sort of multi-national corporation that owned newspapers and TV networks where he could affect real change instead of just a dumb tweeter account. I like what he’s sellin’

  • incredulous72

    This is definitely “Throw rock, hide hands” syndrome.

  • Bubble Genius


  • MarianaPavetto

    Right on, Bob.

  • Ipecac

    Spot on. Rupert Murdoch is probably the one guy on the planet who could actually have a major impact on getting reasonable controls in place. If he put his propaganda machine behind actual good policy instead of wingnut crap, he might change enough minds and put enough pressure on Republicans for something to get done.

  • Andrew Bowers

    Do you think he means assault rifles? Because automatic weapons already are effectively banned.

    • LoewLife

      He probably means assault weapons, but he may not understand the difference between semi and auto. Banning semiautomatic weapons will be nearly impossible because nearly all pistols are semiautomatic, but banning semiautomatic rifles may be feasible.

      I am of two minds on this issue because I own an assault weapon, but I fully appreciate that I legally shouldn’t be allowed to.