War On Women

Republican Outreach

The Republican-controlled Ohio State Senate has approved a virulently anti-choice, anti-reproductive healthcare troll to the state medical board.

via Realty Check

Gonidakis, the former executive director of Ohio Right to Life, has been a leading figure in the state's attempts to restrict a woman's right to choose, especially when it came to trying to de-fund Ohio Planned Parenthood clinics.

According to the Associated Press, Gonidakis wasn't Kasich's only Right to Life appointment. The Republican governor also appointed Right to Life board chairman Marshal Pitchford to a panel that will help choose a new judge for the Ohio Supreme Court, a position that will likely be reviewing upcoming unconstitutional abortion bans that the state legislature will not be able to resist voting into law.

Will Gonidakis and Pitchford support the unconstitutional "heartbeat bill" currently lingering in the state legislature?

Republican outreach continues.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Keep it up, Republicans, you’re doing great… at driving voters away from you.

  • muselet

    Broken record time: why would any woman—or any man who knows a woman—vote for a Republican?