Richard Engel Missing, Possibly in Syria

I sincerely hope this is a glitch and he hasn't been injured or worse:

NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel has gone missing in Syria, according to Turkish news reports. The reports also say that Aziz Akyavaş, a Turkish journalist working with Engel, is unaccounted for. NBC News has been successfully keeping Engel's status subject to a news blackout—one to which Gawker agreed until now—for at least the past 24 hours.

Engel is one of our finest foreign correspondents. It's difficult to not envision the worst outcome of this news.

  • nicole
  • nicole

    This is not anything I wanted to hear. How many REAL journos do we have anymore?

    Not nearly enough. Be safe, Mr. Engel.


  • mrbrink

    Oh, fuck no.

    I’m going to be sick. Sickened.

    Whenever you see Richard Engel in the field, he’s never far from a convoy of gun waving rebels in some hellhole where shit is always hitting the fan.

    I can never say enough about him. I’ve openly worried about his safety among family and friends while watching his reporting. I’d look at the television and say to everyone who may not recognize real journalism anymore, that Richard Engel is one the “Reals.” There are just some people in the world I look out for. Richard Engel has been one of those people for a long time. I’ve been dreading reading these words someday. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    You better find him, American intelligence community.

    You fucking find him.

  • bphoon

    He’s one of the few true journalists left today. He gives us the facts, backed by a rare, in-depth understanding of the culture and politics of the areas he covers, and lets us make our own value judgements. Not, maybe, the classical, textbook definition of a journalist, but one I adhere to.

    I hope they find him alive.

  • LK3

    My heart just dropped. I pray they find him safe.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Me too! He has stuck his neck out so many times in very dangerous places. Engel is a for real, balls to the wall journalist.