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Scott Brown: Political Gigolo!

Oh, good people of Massachusetts, with the country broke and looking for answers to questions that always seem to leave us no choice but to destroy Medicare and Social Security, women's reproductive rights and civil rights in general, so that Jobs and the economy may live, Scott Brown's got no where else to go!

He's tried everything-- from modeling, to smiling at himself in the mirror, to watching hours and hours of American Idol. He needs to be a Senator!

Make no mistake, Massachusetts. Just because he's handsome and generous with his campaigning does not make Scott Brown a political opportunist who just won't go away after losing an election by 7 points.

Whenever a helpless Senate seat vacancy cries out for generic, boneheaded Republican party occupancy, Scott Brown will answer that call! 

Scott Brown will take his shirt off, Democrats. What are you offering?

  • atlavely

    As an empty suit, Martha Cloakley had it all over Mr. Brown. And I have to be fair. At least one of his votes went the way I wanted. Maybe if he had never met Roy, or… No, I’m wrong.
    Let’s see who emerges from the Democratic scrum.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    B, you just can’t call Scott Brown a Gigolo and not include this:

  • muselet

    I hope the people of Massachusetts learned their lesson the first time they elected this empty suit. (Please understand, I’m not gloating. California’s elected more than its share of are-you-kidding-me? candidates. But Scott Brown? For a second time? Really?)