Open Thread

The Cliff of Paranoid Wingnut Blather

Artist - Pat Bagley

In other news, Speaker John Boehner called today for President Obama to make his own "counteroffer" to avert the fiscal cliff, even though the president has already presented his offer and is sticking to it.

Boehner is desperate.

Also -- according to census data, the number of immigrants living in the U.S. has dropped for the first time in a decade. Additionally, immigrants from Asia outnumbered Hispanic immigrants in 2011.

  • LeShan Jones

    Is it wrong of me that I look at the above cartoon and I just want to sneak up behind the two characters and push them over.

  • rob black

    Boner twists and the wind.
    I hope he does a one on one in the near future….so we can all watch him cry like an infant. That orange spray tan streaming down his droopy face.
    Bet he is longing for the old days, when all he had to do to get things moving, was wander the floor of the House handing out $20,ooo checks written by big tobacco…
    Lick-spittle tool of the corporatocracy…..despicable piece of shit.

  • stacib23

    O/T: Bob Cesca made the front page of RCP. Congrats.