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The Daily Banter Mail Bag Predicts Stuff for 2013

This week's questions. Answers here.

1) A lot of liberals are urging the president to just allow the fiscal cliff to happen, but wouldn’t that result in a recession? If so, isn’t that bad for the liberal movement, ie. the liberal gentry disregarding economic hardship for the sake of “winning” the fiscal cliff fight?

2) If you could ban one pundit (left or right) from appearing in any form of media for life who would it be?

3) Name several of your predictions for 2013, political or otherwise.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I think Chez may be a bit optimistic in thinking that the fiscal cliff will teach the republicans a lesson. The polls may show that a majority of Americans will blame the republicans for it, but I doubt they care what the polls say. We’ve already seen evidence that they don’t believe in polls any more.

    Losing the presidential race didn’t teach them a lesson. They’re going to have to pay a much bigger price at the ballot box before they learn any lesson. That’s going to be hard. Most republicans in Congress are more worried about facing a primary challenger than they are losing the general election. Even if we go over the cliff, I think most republicans are betting on:

    1) The American people forgetting about who was to blame by the time the 2014 elections roll around.

    2) Gerrymandering.

    3) Low mid-term turnout.

    Until the mid-term elections, I expect the GOP to double-down on the crazy, no matter if (when) we go over the cliff and what kind of deal is ultimately brokered. And unless they pay a big price in 2014, they still won’t bend.