Open Thread

The Downside for Some People

Artist - Monte Wolverton

In other news, the elements of a possible fiscal cliff deal are coming into picture, although I remain skeptical.

I'm skeptical because it sounds too good for Democrats. Yes, there are things in it Democrats won't like, but if it includes some tax hikes, an extension of the debt ceiling, an extension of unemployment benefits, and infrastructure spending, it's worth considering.

By tomorrow morning this "deal" could be outright denied, because from my perspective it looks like Boehner gets very little out of it while Democrats may reflexively hurl at Chained-CPI.

Others in the blogosphere are less skeptical than I, while some are shitting their pants and breaking out the hyperbole before we have all the details, learn what each party's official stance on it is, or find out if it's actually real. But what else is new?

  • ranger11

    Are we going to have to go through another four years of constant hyperventilation on the Left over every issue? Is it too late to change my vote to Romney?

    • atlavely

      Fear so. I read a well-hidden story somewhere that the Electoral College was doing it’s thing, so…

      The “Left” is almost as good at hyperventilation as the “Right.”