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There have been many unhinged responses to the Sandy Hook school shooting on the Right, but this takes the cake. It has everything and the kitchen sink.

A piece posted to the Tea Party Nation website yesterday, and sent to the group’s members in an email from TPN head Judson Phillips, blamed the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on teachers, unions, bureaucracy, and the presence of sex in popular culture. In a lengthy screed that’s essentially a round-up of every major cultural and policy grievance the American right holds with the rest of the country, author Timothy Birdnow cited concerns about the mental health of shooter Adam Lanza, the lack of spanking in schools, and the new movie “Django Unchained” — among other things — as evidence that American popular culture “has made murder, rape, mayhem, hatred, and violence ‘cool.’”

He then went on to recommend a number of interesting solutions, including a lamentation that George Zimmerman was not guarding Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Tea Party nation suggests that you home school your kids and back Right to Work legislation. They also blame the government and sex on the internet, and they call for the creation of vigilante neighborhood watch groups.

And this might be the most dickish thing anyone has said about the tragedy in Newtown.

Had George Zimmerman been at the front door instead of some mechanical card reader those children would still be alive.

George Zimmerman gunned down an unarmed kid who was on his way home. Is he really who you want to present as an exemplary watchdog?

Oh. I almost forgot. Trayvon Martin is black and he "looked suspicious" because he was wearing a hoodie so that makes it okay. Zimmerman was just doing his job keeping an eye on those darkies.

I'm fairly confident that I can speak for parents across the country and say go fuck yourself.

  • Sheeeeeit

    And the there is this TPN article, where the motherfucker couldn’t even be bothered to spell Newtown correctly.

  • villemar

    I like the part about how Lanza was influenced by Django Unchained, which hasn’t been released yet and won’t be for another week. Clearly we need to ban time machines!

  • IrishGrrrl

    WhIle this certainly an incredibly dickish thing to say, I still think that piece of shit statement about the Newport shooting that claimed it happened because God wasn’t allowed in the school, that God would have protected those kids otherwise is THE most dickish and insensitive thing anyone has yet uttered.

    This Tea Party screed is not only stupid and insensitive, it is trying to use the situation to move their political footballs down the field. So a hearty f*ck you is definitely in order.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    When you use George Zimmerman as your answer for how to deal with an armed lunatic looking for trouble, then you are made of stupid.

  • hanadora444

    What? Not blaming George Soros or ACORN?

  • mrbrink

    You can speak for me anytime.

    • nicole


  • zirgar

    I’m sorry, but George Zimmerman was the Adam Lanza in that situation in Florida. He wasn’t Harry Callahan. These Tea Party people are a fucking blight on this country. This just adds to that assessment.

  • agrazingmoose

    You certainly speak for me!

    • incredulous72


      All that finger pointing, that asshole should be looking in a mirror while he’s doing it.

    • nathkatun7

      And for me too!