Stephen Colbert

The Funniest Opposition Research in the History of Politics

Nikki Haley released her oppo research against Stephen Colbert. I'm positive it was intended as a joke, but holy hell it's hilarious stuff.

'Stephen Colbert Claimed He Would “Stumble Around Columbia, The Capital, Like, Pantless With A Bottle Of Jack Daniels And Try To Get Arrested"

Colbert Attended A South Carolina Trade Conference, In His Words, “Representing Iran”

Stephen Colbert Demanded To Be Named Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person In The World” And Used A Puppy To Slap A Baby To Make His Case

For these reasons alone, I'd love to see him run -- and win.

  • muselet

    As commenter “Philip Fenster” at TPM said:

    “All those things make Colbert an improvement over DeMint.”