The Nexus of Insanity

If you're looking for the intersection of everything that's through-the-looking-glass insane, here's a video posted on of Ralph Nader criticizing President Obama for being "worse than Bush," and all of the far-right wingnut Breitbart commenters, formerly Bush voters for sure, screeching that Obama is a traitor and a dictator.


They say if you travel far enough to the left, you end up circling around to the far right. But this is more than that. They've discovered some sort of Land of the Lost multi-verse where all things exist in the same upside-down space.

Or... the monthly meeting of political trolls convened last night and these were the minutes.

My brain hurts.

  • mdblanche

    Nader says Obama was selfish for failing to say “vote for Congressional Democrats” in his convention speech. Gee that’s rich coming from the leader of a party that that can barely be bothered to run a few totally neglected candidates for Congress at all.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Sorry, but I won’t click onto anything associated with that lying evil bag of scum Breitbart.

  • chris castle

    Both the far left and far right want to control how we live our lives. Take adult film for example – the far left wants to ban it because it exploits women whereas the far right wants to ban it to protect our moral well being. They agree on goals, but differ as to the motivating factors. I’m sure these connecting points can be found on a whole host of issues…

    • D_C_Wilson


      You’re right about the far left, but the far right wants to ban adult movies because they want to control women.

  • Lee Stranahan

    Did you see Nader on Mike Huckabee’s show a few weeks ago?