Election 2012

“The Worst Candidate in History”

Tea Party Nation finally tells us what they really think -- that Mitt Romney was the "worst candidate in history."

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips on Thursday disputed that President Obama claimed a mandate in November's election, arguing that his re-election victory came over "the worst candidate in history in Mitt Romney."

"You know, Obama ran on the fact he was going to raise taxes, the Republicans put up the worst candidate in history in Mitt Romney, yet Obama allegedly has this mandate," Phillips said during an appearance on MSNBC. "Well, why did Republicans keep the House if Obama has this great mandate? People don't want their taxes going up. What people do want is spending cuts."

Setting aside, for the moment, that Judson Phillips is completely wrong on the House of Representatives, it's hard to take him seriously on Mitt Romney because I don't recall hearing anything of the sort in the weeks and months leading up to the election.

Some displeasure was voiced during the primaries, but after Mitt Romney captured the nomination, the Tea Party fell in line and decided that bona fide white man Mitt Romney was better than the usurper currently occupying the White House.

It's easier for me to believe that this is his way of denying responsibility for pushing Romney into positions that made him unelectable.

On the subject of the House of Representatives -- Phillips is just flat wrong.

Democrats received over one million more votes for House seats than Republicans did in November, but because of gerrymandering the Republicans were able to hold on to their House majority.

  • trgahan

    Mr. Phillips, what about that pre-election prediction of a potential to capture the senate that turned into net lose for Republicans? How does that factor into American’s and their views on taxation? If tax hikes were truely the issue, capturing the senate and holding the house would have been as good as winning the Presidency.

    Also, Your “worst canidate” teamed up with Tea Party hottie/intellectual Paul Ryan and his campaign numbers only got worse from there…how do you spin that one, Mr. Phillips?

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Hey numbnuts. Romney was the best candidate you assclowns could put up against Obama. Deal with it!

  • D_C_Wilson

    So, for those of you keeping a tally, Obama won because:

    1. He’s black.

    2. ACORN!

    3. He gave “gifts” to poor people.

    4. Romney didn’t really want the job he spent a decade trying to get.

    5. Romney sucked.

    6. Watch this space.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      And… BENGHAZI!!!

  • f0rtylegz

    I was hoping that they would chose Cain, or Bachmann would have been good. Or how about Rick Perry… he was a great articulator of political ideas! Santorum would have been a great choice too. But best would have been blowhard Newt and his wife by his side 24/7. The Repugnants had many many good choices, but no… they had to chose Rmoney.

    • D_C_Wilson

      As the primary runner up, Santorum is next in line for the 2016 nomination.

      You can bet there are republicans on their knees begging Chris Christi to run against him right now.

  • muselet

    Judson Phillips (along with Tagg Romney and most of the Republican Party) is trying to convince himself Mitt Romney didn’t lose because the ideas and policies he espoused were unpopular, but rather because Mitt Romney was uniquely incapable of articulating those ideas and policies.

    Which rather conveniently ignores the fact that the same ideas and policies have been championed by every R for the past 30 years or so, so the public should by now be well-acquainted with them.

    As digby famously said: “Conservatism can never fail. It can only be failed by weak-minded souls who refuse to properly follow its tenets. It’s a lot like communism that way.”


  • nathkatun7

    Why do the media give a platform to people like Phillips to spew lies and propaganda? Surely if Phillips believed Romney was the worst presidential candidate he should have been saying this to his teabag people who voted overwhelmingly for Romney. To use this as an excuse of why their candidate lost the election is to insult the intelligence of the sane people listening to him.

  • http://twitter.com/corey_smith80 Corey Smith

    I’ve said this before but Republicans really live in a parallel universe and only come back to this one to report their findings. Even if clearly beat them in an election they still win because….rhinestones that’s why?

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    This is akin to the romney kid claiming that his dad really didn’t want to be President. From the candidate, ‘well, I didn’t care one way or another’ and from the Party, ‘anyone competent would have voters buying in to our philosophy.’