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These Brave Educators

My Monday column...

It's difficult to know what to say because there are so many things to say. I want to write about gun control; I want to shame the politicians who allowed the assault weapons ban to expire and who subsequently have refused to stand up to the NRA; I want to write about all of the ridiculous arguments and slogans the NRA gun fetishists are throwing around to defend their deadly toys; I want to write about why Americans only seem to react to obscene events like this rather than to be proactive; I want to write about the fear and cowardice of the gun culture. There are thousands of thoughts and emotions spinning through my head, and I'd wager you're feeling the same way.

We're all still grasping for the right words to say about the horrifying massacre at the Sandy Hook School, and I will do my best in the coming days to verbalize so many of these ideas, but today I'd like to simply tell you about the heroes who were killed -- these brave educators who put their own lives at risk to protect their children and in doing so made it possible for so many of those children to enjoy their "entire lives ahead of them -- birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own," as President Obama said during his emotional remarks on Friday.

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  • LK3

    Thank you Bob. True heroes.
    I saw a story this morning on CBS with the parents of one of the survivors. They shared how they have no doubt that Victoria Soto;s act of bravery saved their son and many others. While she tried to shield them, a few children were able to run right by the killer; their son was one of those survivors. What a beautiful human being. As were all those women whose instinct it was to protect those children.

  • bphoon

    Nice tribute. Teachers, in my book, are heroes every time they walk into a classroom. The do what I don’t think I could. It has to be a frustrating profession particularly in these days of budget cuts and controversy surrounding collective bargaining rights in many places.

    Yet, to a person, every teacher I’ve ever known wouldn’t change professions for anything. They do what they do out of a love of working with children and a passion for developing young minds.

    My hat’s off to them. And I mourn those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Kerry Reid

    This daughter of educators thanks you.

  • muselet

    This is the way to remember—the way to honor—the victims of this spasm of insanity: to remember who they were and what they were, and to remember what they did.

    Thank you, Bob.


  • IrishGrrrl

    Thank you, Bob….tears…speechless

  • atlavely

    Well said, Bob. Thanks for starting with these heroes, rather than the other topics on your list. Brought tears to my eyes, again.