They Really, Really Hate Medicare and Social Security

Tom Coburn repeated the newly minted GOP line about rolling back the Bush tax cuts -- but only if it's accompanied by "significant entitlement reform":

"Will I accept a tax increase as a part of a deal to actually solve our problems? Yes."

This is kind of a peek behind the curtain: the Republicans hate Social Security and Medicare more than they hate raising taxes.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Someone correct me here…..Social Security really isn’t an entitlement…it’s a trust fund right? If the govt can get more revenue and the economy continues to improve, Social Security will be fine and does not need to be touched. Right?

    Medicare, I don’t understand as well but I DO know that raising the age will hurt a lot of people in the middle and lower income tax brackets the most. Yes? And no official Dems have come out and said they would cave to the GOPs demands to do such a thing, right?

    And finally, maybe the GOP is bringing up the idea of touching SS and Medicare, even though they have no leverage, because it will (and apparently already has) set off a panic party on the firebagger left). And in so doing convince everyone in the middle that it MUST be reasonable because the extremists are up in arms about it. If so, firebaggers are playing right into their arms. Why can’t they play it cool publicly while pressuring the President and Congressional Dems to not cave through private channels?

    • drsquid

      I admit I pressed ‘like’ before I reached the end. Unfortunately I can’t press ‘like’ again.

      Naturally the firebaggers decided to aim their panic cannons at their own side instead of who’s actually causing the problem.

      • IrishGrrrl


    • Bob Rutledge

      Why can’t they play it cool publicly while pressuring the President and Congressional Dems to not cave through private channels?

      Firebaggers couldn’t play an ice cube coolly. Just like their extremist cousins on the other end of the political spectrum, they have little to no grounding in the real world and how politics actually operate. That or they’re narcissistic contrarians who blather on, a sound and fury signifying nothing, for the adulation they receive from their compatriots. Also like the other extreme-ists.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Phydeaux, nail head meet hammer ;)

    • muselet

      I’m not sure the Rs care about the firebaggers, if they even know such a group exists. The Rs are playing to the Very Serious People in the Village and in our glorious news media.

      I’ve linked to these before, but here’s Ezra Klein back in September:

      As a general point, I think there’s a peculiar dynamic that affects the deficit-reduction conversation in Washington: People prefer “tough” cuts to cuts they think are easy (though the cuts in question are rarely tough on the people analyzing them). So they give a lot more credit to, say, raising the Medicare eligibility age, as that hurts seniors, than to officially drawing down the war spending, or cutting interest payments, or banking the results of a deal.

      And Kevin Drum’s reaction:

      It’s sort of pathological, really. If you save money, you save money. Who cares if you go after the low-hanging fruit first? Nobody should, and yet they do. If your proposed savings aren’t something that’s likely to concretely hurt someone, they’re somehow unserious. Raising the Medicare eligibility age is a real cut; reducing reimbursements to hospitals isn’t. Block-granting Medicaid is a real cut; ending the war in Afghanistan isn’t. Slashing NIH funding is a real cut; reinstating PAYGO isn’t.

      The Rs are proposing things that will hurt real people in real ways; that makes their proposals serious. The Ds are proposing things that will not hurt people; that makes their proposals unserious.

      Just once, I’d like to see one of the Very Serious People support a proposal that would hurt him/her personally. Hey, look, a flying pig …


      • IrishGrrrl

        You know I agree with you on this point. But I think the left going apeshit over even rumors makes the Very Serious People, who are supposedly in the middle, feel that much more Serious–anti-rabble if you will. ;)

        • muselet

          You think they need an excuse?


          • IrishGrrrl

            Actually I do….but not much of one.

    • bphoon

      If so, firebaggers are playing right into their arms.

      They do this simply by placing their fingers on a keyboard. It’s what they do. They love the sound of their voices so much there’s no thought of practical consequences.

  • freakishlystrong

    The Cons have probably already filmed the ads they’ll use in 2014 about “The Democrat Party gutting Social Security and Medicare”.

    Dems; DO not fall for this shit.