This Glacier Footage is Amazing

The largest glacier "calving" ever caught on film, and it looks like a Summer blockbuster movie CG effect.

After having watched the new Pacific Rim trailer, I expected a giant monster to emerge from the ice.

  • West_of_the_Cascades

    This footage is part of the movie “Chasing Ice” which documents in stark, unmistakable, and heart-wrenching detail what global climate change is doing to the glaciers and ice sheets of the Arctic. It’s a movie that’s worth seeing — even though it is depressing in being so damned clear about what is going on, and yet no one in this country’s government is willing to address it.

    At least we won’t later be able to claim we didn’t know.

  • bphoon

    Really difficult to put into scale on such a small format. I hope they put this out in IMAX.

    I wonder if calving events such as this may be connected in some way to climate change and, if so, if they’ll happen with any more frequency than they have up to now.

  • JWheels

    All I really have to say that right now is: holy shit!

  • Draxiar

    Makes one realize just how small and physically fragile we really are.

  • muselet

    That is a very impressive and sobering video.

    (And if it were CG from a movie, the director would have been screaming at the visual effects supervisor to make the ice fall faster, make the waves bigger—no no no, dammit, bigger!—and why can’t this happen right next to our hero?)