Epic Fail

Why Politifact is a Joke

This is why I will never cite Politifact even if they post something that is accurate.

Even though, by their own admission, President Obama actually has signed the UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, they still label this as a broken promise. Because it's somehow his fault that Senate Republicans have refused to ratify it.

I'm sure this makes up for listing some other egregious Republican trespass as a broken promise. You know, for balance.

(h/t PoliticusUSA)

  • js hooper

    They’ve gone full firebagger….it’s just like the “he didn’t close GITMO” claim…When the objective is to smear Obama…never let little things like FACTS or REALITY get in the way…and NEVER point out republican obstruction

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1730451827 Jane Phillips

    Abusive behavior is blaming the other party for your own shortcomings. When anyone (politician, journalist, boss, spouse or parent) starts laying blame at the door of someone who busted their ass trying to prevent the problem, it is time to Get Out. Politifact is obviously carrying water for the abusers.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Organizations like this really need to just ignore accusations of bias and let it influence their ratings because those accusations are going to be made by the right no matter what happens. They should take being attacked as a given and just try to be as accurate and fair as possible.

    Hell, conservatives have already created their own fact-checking site for use inside the bubble. Why play their game?

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    Yep. I haven’t cited them (or mentioned them without bashing them), since their “lie of the year” last year. You know, the one where they said Democrats lied about Medicare aka Vouchercare.

    Good on you, Ashby!~

    adds…….and you know, GUANTANAMO is still open!

  • bphoon

    Promise broken, my ass!

    This kind of shit just abets the Republican practice of rigging the game so the President’s initiatives will fail (think: historically excessive use of the filibuster to stall and/or kill legislation) then claiming he’s a failed President because he didn’t do everything he “promised” he’d do.

    Politi”fact”: The fucking treaty didn’t get ratified BECAUSE REPUBLICANS SABOTAGED IT!

  • Robyn McIntyre

    I trust Factcheck.org more.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Even they sometimes exaggerate mistakes on the left in the name of “balance”.

  • EsiS

    By their own explanations below, it’s a promise kept. He both signed it and urged Congress to ratify it. The fact that they didn’t is a) not the fault of the president, but b) not a thing he actually promised.

  • http://twitter.com/Fenbeast Fenbeast

    All it says is that he will URGE the Senate to ratify it… which he did. He did not promise it would be ratified, because… duh… he cannot control what the Senate does or doesn’t do!

  • Ipecac

    Why the hell didn’t they rate this as “stalled” which is EXACTLY what’s happening, by their own admission. Sheesh.

  • lib4

    Fn jackasses