Election 2012

Yet Another Reason Why Romney Lost

Romney's chief campaign strategist Stuart Stevens is still acting like an idiot. Here he blames Hurricane Sandy for losing the election:

"After the storm, I never had a good feeling. Not that the storm impacted things so much, per se, but these races -- a race like this is a lot like an NBA game. It's all about ball control at the end... We went from having these big rallies around the country to literally sitting around in hotel rooms and there was just nothing we could do about it."

See, it's not about rallies or crowd sizes. It's all about strong leadership. Romney's response to both Benghazi and Sandy were pathetic and weak. He didn't need to have big rallies, he just needed to appear as if he gave a shit about these tragic events and the resulting casualties. Instead, he was self-serving and awkward. They didn't have to sit in their hotel room, but that's the only thing that occurred to them, hence: not ready for the White House.

  • i_am_allwrite

    And the dick not only compared the race to a basketball game, but to an NBA game, which is utter hubris coming from someone who worked for the Romney campaign. After all, everyone playing in an NBA game is, by definition, a professional.

  • i_am_allwrite

    Saying a political race is like a basketball game kind of ignores the fact that a political race is nothing like a fucking basketball game. “Ball control”? WTF is he talking about? In basketball there’s only one ball: if your team has it, you’re on offense; if not, you’re playing D. But in a political race you can play offense or defense all the time. You can say that you’re FOR something (offense) and then say you’re AGAINST that very same thing (defense) regardless of what your opponent is doing. You can even play both at the same time (lying about how you correct your lies while you’re in fact repeating them) or neither at the same time (sitting around in hotel rooms convincing yourself that YOU’RE the real victim of a storm that’s killing people 100s of miles to the east) if you want because there’s NO FUCKING BALL dictating that you have to play one or the other. Also, there are no referees in a presidential race, so even if there were rules, you could ignore them. Lie through your teeth if you want–no one’s going to call a foul. Talk

  • muselet

    Dick Morris agrees with Stuart Stevens.

    If stupidity were an energy source, these two could power the globe.


  • Chachizel

    “They didn’t have to sit in their hotel room, but that’s the only thing that occurred to them, hence: not ready for the White House.”
    NAILED it Bob!

  • trgahan

    “sitting around hotel rooms”?!? I recall a huge “non-political” political rally in Ohio right after the storm where people where issued food to donate as they entered and campaign videos were shown….either way, Romney was done when his 1st debate “bump” started to fade within days of the debate.

    Sure we all crapped our pants for a bit (I know I did), but Nate Silver had it right all along that Romney had no real shot at winning that election.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      It was a shame the mainstream media didn’t pick up on that until the election was over. But why worry about the details when there are eyeballs to attract for their sponsors?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    When I was a teacher I had a maxim. If there was a list of 20 things that high school kids (and their parents) think of as the reason why they got a lower grade than they expected, or why they failed the course, #21 on that list is that their work simply isn’t very good. I used to tell them, You want a better grade? Do a better job. They had no idea what I was talking about.

    The same, it seems, applies to politicians. If there was a list of 20 things the Romney campaign, the GOP and their fans/enablers might think of as the reasons why they lost, #21 on the list is that they had a bad candidate who ran a bad campaign on bad ideas and bad policies, and did a bad job convincing people otherwise. And lied a lot.

    You want to win elections? Run better candidates and better campaigns, have better ideas and better policies, do a better job convincing people, and don’t lie.

    • bphoon

      This reminds me of an outside sales person I heard about from one of my distributors. When he sat down with the guy to do his annual review, the guy said he needed to make more money and did my distributor have any ways he could do that.

      The answer: “Sure. Sell more.”

  • zirgar

    When told the devastating news of Hurricane Sandy, the only thing Mitt Romney’s campaign crew could do was sit dazed, staring at their copies of My Pet Goat.

  • janefromhell

    Oh. Snap.