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Florida Governor Rick Scott Is Beloved By Satanists

The Satanic Temple of Florida appreciates Governor Rick Scott and his idea of religious freedom so much so that they are gathering with fellow Satanists on the steps of the Governor's office this January 25th-- presumably for an upside down cross vigil in support of Governor Rick Scott and his inspiring defense of "religious liberty," especially for Satan.

In a statement released by the Satan People, they explain their support,

via Raw Story:

“The Satanic Temple embraces the free expression of religion, and Satanists are happy to show their support of Rick Scott who–particularly with [Senate Bill] 98–has reaffirmed our American freedom to practice our faith openly, allowing our Satanic children the freedom to pray in school."

This all comes from SB 98-- a bill Governor Scott signed into law in July of 2012-- a bill that "allows for inspirational messages by students at non-compulsory school events," and the Florida Satanist Temple believes this will directly benefit their numbers and overriding message of hope and Satan. About 1.2 percent of Americans are religious and do not identify as Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu. According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life,

"approximately 1.2 percent of Americans are religious and do not identify as Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu. The majority of this  group is identified as “Unitarians and other liberal faiths."

They've got hearts and minds to recruit!

When he signed the bill, Governor Scott tweeted: 

"Please share" and  "Praise God."

No word on whether or not Rick Scott will show up to the rally, but I'm told his thoughts and prayers go out to Satan.

  • Draxiar

    Oh how I adore it when when plans like 98 are turned on itself and the people putting it in place never saw it coming.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    To quote Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, in his final days:

    “It’s not easy being evil in a world that’s gone to hell.”

  • Victor_the_Crab

    How soon will athiest groups protest the Church of Satan’s plans?

    • http://www.facebook.com/alex.ray Alex Ray

      This is not the Church of Satan, this is the Temple of Satan, which is a new-age group whose philosophy directly contradicts the Church of Satan. LaVey’s CoS is comprised almost exclusively of atheists.

      • mrbrink

        “LaVey’s CoS is comprised almost exclusively of atheists.”

        They contradict themselves.

        They might claim to be atheists, but according to the Satanic Bible, Satan is in you!

        I apologize if I’ve tarnished the good name of the Church Of Satan.

  • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

    Satanism, at least as in the Church of Satan, is actually kinda cool from my understanding. A bit too uber-Libertarian for my tastes, but it essentially boils down to making yourself happy, not intentionally harming others unless they harmed you first, and not being willfully ignorant. In that case, it’s the anti-religion, which I can get down with.

    Like I said though, a little too Libertarian in some areas… perhaps we should start publicly saying that people like Paul Ryan are actually Satanists, that would be fun.

    • mrbrink

      I can’t take them seriously.

      And if they’re excited about Rick Scott’s religious fanaticism becoming law, they’re just as dangerous as the Christian right. Bwaha, alright, I couldn’t pass that off with a straight face. I’ll rephrase: they’re just as dangerous as people who huff paint.

      • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

        I don’t think they’re serious though. Perhaps I’m talking out of my ass here, but I’m pretty sure the Church of Satan doesn’t actually believe in the guy with the pitchfork, calling it “Satanism” was more of a “fuck you” to mainstream religion.

        I could be wrong, and these people may not be Church of Satan proper, so they may believe something else entirely. But yes, anyone who believes in a guy with horns overseeing a fiery pit of despair is just as dumb as any other religion.

        • mrbrink

          When I first heard of Scientology, I thought it was a fuck-you to mainstream religion. Turns out, they’re actually serious.

          If there’s a code, or a belief structure, which there is with Satanists, I think that would imply seriousness. I’ve known some satanists, and they take that shit seriously, like they’re some sort of pointy-eyebrow conduit to the dark side of the supernatural. I try to be tolerant of others and their beliefs, but I’ve laughed in the faces of some of the acid-burnout Satanists I’ve known.

          They have ceremonies, practice spells and curses, and read from a book that reads like an inferior sitcom spin-off from a character in the Bible. Like, Joey after Friends, but with a little more anti-Christ.

          So, whether loosely based, or directly lifted, Satanism’s roots are plucked from the Bible. That pretty much throws cold water on the idea that they don’t really worship “the guy with the pitchfork.” They didn’t invent Satan, they had to incorporate Satan into a belief structure, which to a great degree, comes from the Bible.

          This whole, ‘satanists are more like occult-libertarians than devil worshipers’ seems like the public relations portion of the attempted mainstreaming of their counter-culture religion, and I really don’t care because they make up such a miniscule slice of the religion pie, but to say they don’t take it seriously and they may not believe in a guy with a pitchfork misses the point that you made, which is, “anyone who believes in a guy with horns overseeing a fiery pit of despair is just as dumb as any other religion.”

          I don’t give the Satanists the benefit of doubt.

          • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

            “…..reads like an inferior sitcom spin-off from a character in the Bible. Like, Joey after Friends, but with a little more anti-Christ.”

            Laughed so hard I think I peed my pants. Thank you (and how often do you hear that for making someone piss themselves, eh?)

          • mrbrink

            Totally worth it, IrishGrrrl!

            You’re welcome…

            Ha ha! You laughing made me laugh.

        • http://www.facebook.com/alex.ray Alex Ray

          This isn’t the Church of Satan though, this group has absolutely no relation. They literally believe in — and believe to be good — the Christian God, but with the caveat that Satan is his proxy on Earth. New-age mumbo-jumbo.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      In a way you are right. The concept of Randian Self Interest is so anathema to Christ’s message one would think it should be obvious. But if conservatives are good at anything, it’s cognitive dissonance.

  • muselet

    This reminds me of the Louisiana legislator who last year was surprised and dismayed that the newly-passed school voucher law allowed money to go to schools affiliated with gasp shock horror! any religion, not just Christianity.

    I predict an entertaining freak-out on the Right, followed by emergency passage of an amended version of the law restricting the content of those inspirational messages and who can deliver them.


    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Which will then be ripe for taking to Court because they can’t specify “which” religions.

      • muselet

        Of course. But there are two ways this could play out.

        Florida changes the law to put the onus on individual school principals to determine if one of those inspirational messages is disruptive. That’ll buy them a couple of years, maybe, before a court fight.

        Then the state will argue that the screening process was meant to keep minority-religion students from being singled out for negative treatment. Pure hooey, of course, but it’ll buy them another year or two.

        Then they’ll argue that since minority-religion students make up just a couple of percent of the total public-school population, it’s a statistical fluke that nobody who’s not of the Jeebus-rode-a-dinosaur persuasion has been selected to deliver an inspirational message. This will be met with hoots of derision, but it’ll keep the plaintiffs’ attorneys busy for a few months.

        Then they’ll argue that the law is fine, but it’s a few rogue school administrators (those famous bad apples) who aren’t following it. Again, that’ll be good for a few months.

        When the case finally gets to court, the state will then point to the five years the law has been in effect and argue that it’s now a treasured part of the school routine.

        Or they’ll try Step 1 and a (very brave) judge will quite properly slap the state silly.

        It’s Florida under Governor Bat Boy (thank you, Charlie Pierce!), so you can probably guess which scenario I think is more likely.


        • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

          Yeah, I hear ya. It seems like the infiltration of conservatives onto local school boards, city commissions, state government, etc. has done the kind of damage that will take forever to undo. Meanwhile, Dems have been too focused on national elections. It’s like we’ve been so busy trying to build the second floor we missed the fact that termites had taken up residence and and eaten away much of the first floor. And it will takes years to get rid of them and undo the damage. /sigh……