Epic Fail

Fox & Friends is Stuck On Concussion-Gate and Brian Kilmeade is an Idiot

Hillary Clinton has now testified before congress, but Fox News is still very concerned that Hillary may have faked a concussion to avoid testifying.

Or, alternatively, here's an excellent demonstration of why Brian Kilmeade is the kid in your high school who had a kick-me sign taped to his back.

Kilmeade: Did she pass out and hit her head? Was she pushed? How did she hit her head and get a concussion?

Was she pushed? Did someone assault the Secretary of State? Is Brian Kilmeade implying that Clinton is covering for someone assaulting her? Is he implying her attitude may have lead to being pushed?

I can only assume he's implying something of the sort, because I can't fathom any other reason why someone would ask if she was pushed. It's a question that can only be formulated inside the mind of an unparalleled douche like Brian Kilmeade.

The good news is we seem to have settled on the fact that Clinton hit her head, but Fox still isn't sure why she did.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I’m online friends with a magazine journalist from Conneticut who has done interviews with famous and controversial people from a Conneticut point of view – visiting the state on a promotional tour, residents there, etc. She once did an interview with Gretchen Carlson (which, in of itself, would test Job’s patientce) where she spent the day on the set of Fox and Friends. She can confirm that, behind the scenes, Brian Kilmeade is about as intelligent as – in her own words – a bag of hammers!

    But, then again, one would be left to believe that the Ghastly Trio begin each and every Fox and Friends show by getting hit on the head with a hammer, or some other hard, blunt object.

  • muselet

    Humpty Dumpty was pushed!

    Also, as Professor Fate once said in frustration: “You have a brain the size of a carbuncle!”


  • Draxiar

    How did Kilmeade become such a retard?

    Was he dropped as a child? Did he get kicked by a mule? Was he born that way? How did his brain stop evolving and he became a retard?

  • mrbrink

    That’s a crazy ass show for anytime, but for morning time it’s like a bitter dose of bipolar schizophrenia to go with your morning cup of seething resentment.

    These people are visibly insane.

    Fox and Friends has all the good taste of a bloody guillotine in the public square covered with smiley face stickers.

  • LK3

    Maybe she agreed to let Susan Rice or Obama push her so she would not be able to testify.
    Like @ArrogantDemon said “teh stupid burns”

  • ThatGirlRuns

    Sounds to me like Kilmeade needs a push and smack over the head!

  • Nefercat

    This, from the people that stayed on at Fox after they hired the execrable Sarah Palin, perfectly willing to be considered colleagues of the Arctic Twatwaffle? Pffft.

  • ArrogantDemon

    oh for fuck sakes……..

    teh stupid burns again

    Whats next Kilmeade, gonna accuse Bill Clinton of whacking his wife around?

    But it’s Fox, what are you gonna do?

    • crone2013

      It struck me that he was implying that Bill Clinton pushed her.