From the Loopy Old Man News Desk…

Alan Simpson stated the semi-obvious over the weekend: that the fiscal cliff deal isn't really a huge deficit-cutting measure.

“This thing isn’t going to do anything, really,” Simpson said Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

He said tackling the deficit will still require significant spending cuts, especially to entitlement programs. Simpson lambasted Senate leaders for not working together, and he noted that increases in lifespan are rapidly straining Medicare and Social Security.

“What the hell? Who’s kidding who?” Simpson said.

I still can't believe this cranky fossil has any influence whatsoever beyond his portion of apple sauce at the retirement village. Not only is he crazy, but he's primary contributor to the inside-DC groupthink that's obsessed with hacking away at Social Security and Medicare while drastically cutting the deficit before the economy has fully recovered.

  • trgahan

    Still amazes me that we can’t progress the conversation about the state of the economy beyond dismantling Social Security and Medicare.

    Can’t talk about the under-regulated financial sector that got us here and is largely responsible for pushing these “entitlement reforms” so the government doesn’t undertake anything that could adversely affect short term investment returns.

    And forget about our pathological need to maintain a military that is ready to fight a major land war in East Asia ca. 1980.

    Or our need to keep subsidizing industries that are the most profitable they have been in decades.

    Instead, the only solution is for those who are too old or in firm to work sacrifice what little they have and it is considered a serious policy position.

  • nicole

    “he noted that increases in lifespan are rapidly straining Medicare and Social Security”

    yeah, right.

    These increases only apply to the wealthy. The middle and lower classes are not seeing their life spans increase.

  • i_am_allwrite

    Simpson would have stayed gone if Obama hadn’t paired him with co-fossil Erskine Bowles on the debt commission. Bowles is to the right of Reagan, the recommendations they made were ideological, not pragmatic, and now Simpson gets undeserved credit for having served on this “bipartisan” committee. Tapping those two–and especially a blue-dog like Bowles–was one of the dumbest things Obama did in his first term.

  • Doran

    In politispeak, “entitlement” has come to mean exactly the opposite of it’s actual English language meaning.