House Republicans Killing the Deal

Here's the latest.

The Senate passed the deal last night. It included raising taxes on the top bracket (income of $400,000+) to the Clinton-era 39.6 percent. There's $30 billion in renewed unemployment benefits (spending that will create $48.6 billion in economic growth, per Moody's). There's no spending cuts and no cuts or changes to Medicare or Social Security. The sequestration moves to two months from now when we'll have to do this all over again.

But the House Republicans appear to be turning down the deal, which would risk a panic tomorrow when markets open. Then again, the usual faction of angry anti-Obama liberals will probably be happy with the bill's death, believing that "Obama caved." So the bill will either die or include House Republican-mandated spending cuts.

Ultimately if the bill passes as is, it will undeniably be a victory for the White House and the Democrats. They simply won more of what they wanted, especially considering some of the awful proposals that had been on the table and aren't a part of the deal (as of this writing).

  • drsquid

    As usual, TBogg gets the funny line.

    I’d hate to be on the professional left. I’d have to live in constant fear. It’s like being in the NRA, only less bullets.

    How is the PL any different from the far right? Both live in constant fear. Both methods to approaching politics yield the same results.

  • hollyglightly123

    I normally agree with you but i think he screwed up royally here. He really is a horrible negotiator. What do you think is going to happen in march when Obama asks for the increased debt limit and this negotiator needs it? He’s going to have to give in to cutting entitlements. He’s given the minority party everything . It never ceases to amaze me how much he gives them. Of he had let us go over the cliff the gop would’ve been the ones to blame and he could have just insisted on legislation they would have voted for after the new yr. Tax CUTS vs increases, especially in the face of criticism and blame

    • villemar

      Go pound sand. There’s nothing wrong with this deal. Stop whining about this President and propagating false memes about how incompetent he is.

    • nicole

      Oh shut up.

      This president is an extremely competent negotiator, a fact which some of you seem determined to deny.

      The reality is that you have NO fucking idea what you’re blabbering on about.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Gee, why am I not surprised by this?

  • villemar

    Yes, better to throw millions off the UI rolls and raise taxes on the working poor, than to let those conniving motherfuckers who make between 250K and 400K have their rates not go up 4%.

    Burn the country to the ground!!

  • zirgar

    Personally, I think Scarborough’s tweet explains it all. Out of sheer ideological spite, and good old fashioned prejudice, the House GOP isn’t gonna let Commander Kenya get the better of them! No way! Also, check out this link from the American Psychological Association on the differences between the House and Senate:

  • nicole

    it never ceases to amaze me how this group of House wingnuts can hold the entire country hostage.

    Something should be done to change that.

    Adds…….watch it tbogg–your hostess is only one of the most virulent of the firebagging gasbags.

    • drsquid

      He knows – she puts up with him because he’s their real traffic driver, no matter how much outrage porn the rest of them put up.

      • nicole

        Yeah, I know. I wonder if she made him take that vacation a year or so ago, or whether it was his idea. I don’t know why he stays there.