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In Spite of Reality, Liberals Claim Obama “Caved” on the Fiscal Cliff

My first column of 2013:

For the first part of New Year's Day, I thought the far-left "Obama caved" crowd would take the prize for the most insane political faction of the day considering how, as soon as a deal was reached, they accused the president of capitulating to the Republicans, even though the deal was quite good given the alternatives. But then the House Republicans stepped onto the stage and posed a serious challenge to the insanity on the far-left by engaging in further sabotage and brinksmanship before finally voting to pass the deal.

So no, the "Obama caved" left wasn't responsible for the only infuriating responses to the deal, but they were infuriating nevertheless because, after all, liberals are supposed to be the smart, rational ones. Sadly, that wasn't the case. Again.

As soon as the deal was announced on New Year's Eve, the far-left kneejerked into its predictable boilerplate apoplexy: calling for the president's head with the scripted refrains of "He betrayed the left! IEEEEEE!" even though the fiscal cliff deal is mostly composed of a 4.6 percent tax hike on the top tax bracket returning it to the Clinton-era level, along with an extension of unemployment benefits for long-term jobless Americans, and $15 billion in spending cuts. $600 billion in revenue versus $15 billion in cuts. By the way, the $30 billion in unemployment benefits will result in $48.6 billion in economic growth, per Moody's calculations. Good news and a good investment in the economy. [continue reading]

  • Justin Cohen

    The very wealthy pay a little more in taxes, the vulnerable are protected, the economy won’t head into a recession. All around seems pretty good.

    While I agree with the gist of what you’re saying regarding the liberal freak-out, overall, I don’t think the freak-out is such a bad thing. It kind of balances out the conservative freak-out so that moderate folks who look at the reactions think the deal came out somewhere in the middle.

    • bphoon

      Usually when people on both sides of a deal are pissed off–especially the extreme elements–I figure a pretty decent deal got done.

  • Corey Smith

    I personally believed they would’ve screamed “betrayal” “traitor” no matter what the President came up with. It seems as if they’re more concerned with sticking to Republicans than doing whats best and making sure the country operates. Their whine on this is just perplexing and real ridiculous!

  • trgahan

    It is sad to see, but I think no matter what the final deal would be all the op-eds, blog posts, and such crying “Betrayal” had been written by November 7, 2012. At best, it is naïve idealism removed from where America is right now politically. At worst, it is simple careerism through being a contrarian prig.

  • Zen Diesel

    I have been scratching my head the past couple of days trying to figure out how this is caving. It seems most of the outrage is coming from the president moving the 250k to 400k to 450k. It could have very well been this is the number he wanted all along, and played it cool by not showing his hand to the Retardicans. The deal is not perfect, but kudos to the President to get those Retardicans to raise taxes for the first time in 20yrs without offering any spending cuts.

    Watching Morning Joke, this morning would have you believed the president added 8 trillion dollars to the deficit, as he is whining how the Republicans have caved. I will look forward to reading the CBO to get a better understanding of the deal once the fiscal cliff smoke settles.

  • ArrogantDemon

    Obama got a 41-1 deal in favor of him and thats a cave?

    I swear, these far-left fuckers are worse than the tea party

    $620 Billion in revenue with $15 Billion is cuts is far better than $1.2 trillion on revenue to $1.2 trillion in cuts, do these fucks no know fucking mathematics?

    • ranger11

      Zero-sum games?

    • muselet

      “Math is hard.”


  • ranger11

    My advice would be to stop listening to the fuckers. They are not honest brokers at this point. When you can easily predict what their reaction is going to be on any Obama decision then that is not a good thing. Are they aware of how many “good” Democrats voted against their position. And here I was thinking that Obama could not twist arms like LBJ!