Is NBC Really This Tone Deaf?

As you're probably aware, there's something called the 'gun show loophole' and makes it possible for people to buy firearms without waiting periods or background checks at trade shows. Basically, under-the-table gun sales to any yokel who wants them. Keep that in mind when you read this:

Next week, thousands of gun dealers, traders, and enthusiasts will gather in Las Vegas for the annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, which touts itself as the largest trade show of its kind in the world. When it does, NBC Sports will be a lead sponsor.

Shame on NBC for this. And by the way, anyone who claims that NBC is all about promoting liberalism is clearly full of crap. NBC is all about promoting NBC, even if it means paying gun manufacturers to advertise at their loophole-ripe gun trade show.

  • Remote Clancy

    NBC Sports in not NBC, just as MSNBC is not NBC. I suspect the reason NBC Sports is sponsoring this show is that the bulk of the programming on the NBC Sports cable channel (basically the re-branded OLN, or Outdoor Life Network) are hunting and fishing shows.

    Also, SHOT is an industry show. Other than the press, the people involved are all members/representatives of the various industries relating to hunting, hunting-related outdoor sports, and commercial purchasers of these products. A quick Google search also indicates that law enforcement agencies are one of the largest attendees, as this is the place where arms and tactical supplies are showcased for them. So, not really a place for those under the table gun sales, but don’t let that get in the way of a good rant.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that NBC Sports doesn’t also sponsor gun shows (I have no direct knowledge of it, but I wouldn’t doubt it), but this is not your typical “gun show.”

  • Frank

    NBC an absolute disgrace, how can they even promote such a show in the light of recent events? I blame the authorities for granting the relevant show permission!

  • Tony Lavely

    No one remembers #NBCFail from the summer? And why would you expect different?