Lawmaker Proposes Gun Classes in Schools

From the Crazy State of South Carolina: South Carolina lawmaker is taking the NRA’s “more guns will keep schools safe” argument even further, with a new bill that would teach teenagers how to shoot.

Sen. Lee Bright (R), the sponsor of the legislation, argues that “the more guns we have the safer we are.”

Teenagers firing guns. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Virginia

    I spend hours every weekday with teenagers. If we teachers can’t always avert the spontaneous decision of a 14 year old boy to throw a wadded paper ball at his peers (think shoot a gun), or stop another 14 year old from stuffing a $5 bill in his mouth to entertain his friends (think pull out a gun to entertain his friends), or quickly defuse the high emotion of a 14 year old girl who’s yelling across the room at a boy who said something disrespectful to her (think pulling out her gun to stop that boy forever), or appease a student who’s angry because he’s been sent next door to another classroom so he can disengage from his friends and get some work done (think pulling that gun out of his backpack and pointing it at his teacher)…. Or think about the students who wield an imaginary bushmaster and spray it across the room while making the appropriate sound effects… what he if had the real thing! These don’t always happen in the course of a single class, but all of these scenarios do happen in the course of the day and can happen at any time. These are teenagers, right? Who haven’t learned much impulse control. I would rather work at a toxic landfill than walk onto a campus full of armed teenagers. What the hell! One of these guys should spend a day hanging out with us. Perhaps help supervise lunchtime crowds. What an absolutely moronic and dangerous idea.

  • Ipecac

    So the least safe we could be is if there were NO guns in the country in the hands of citizens? I’d be willing to give that a try.

  • dswagz

    With about 300 million guns in the country as it is, what is the number of guns here that will make us all safe?

  • Ned F

    “We’ve got football, we’ve got basketball, and we’ve got baseball,” says Bright. “I think if they had a hunting team, it would be a great idea.” Yeah, just think of the great pep rallies we could have, firing our guns in the air. Just like we used to do in the 1800’s before the yankee war of northern aggression.