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Liberty Gap

Sadly, this is almost a direct representation of reality. Or soon will be.

Artist - Pat Bagley

In other news, U.S. stocks hit 5 year highs today. Because socialism.

Also -- check out these mind-blowing photos of what happens when you fight a fire in sub-zero wind-chills.

  • IrishGrrrl

    I have to laugh. In the news today, Salt Lake City is said to be suffering from horrible pollution and an inversion layer….meaning the glorious Republican leadership of UT has allowed the people to pollute a very beautiful locale to the point it is now an unhealthy place to live. Only now are some saying that they should allow for free public transport. You mean on the green public transportation system you haven’t built? A conservative paradise…just like Ari-loony-zona.

    • trgahan

      As a SLC resident I feel I need to defend my town…

      The inversion is a natural phenomenon that occurs no matter what. Sure the worst air is from the oil refineries and the copper mine in the
      valley. Sure most people here live over 40 minutes (one way) from where they work. Sure the state is going to allow one of the primary air polluters to DOUBLE its output in the coming year. Sure the State Government has a standing order to NEVER bring representatives of companies that may want to locate here during the winter months so they don’t see this “natural event.” IF you don’t like it…move to Park City…oh wait they are starting to the same problem.

      We do have a lovely public transportation system. Sure it is
      run by a quasi-public/private partnership not accountable to the public. Sure they charge so much that it is cost prohibitive for most people to use it and they continue to lobby for rate raises. Sure they have their own law enforcement and the executive heads of the agency make 10X times the average senior government employee.

      As our governor will tell you repeatedly, we have been voted
      the best run state and best for business. Sure that really just from dropping our tax rates to the point that we are simply way cheaper than California. Sure our “educated” work force is a product of our hundreds of “for profit” degree mill colleges. Sure our culture has created a work force desparate for any job paying over $40,000 a year that they will do programming work that in California or Seattle would go to a person making $90,000+. Sure we have a payday
      loan place on every corner and invest the least in our public schools.

      Now if the federal government would just give us back all
      that land, we’d show you all how much greater we can be!

      • IrishGrrrl

        I hear your “defense” loud and clear!