Meanwhile, We Have More Shootings

In Alabama.

(CNN) -- A gunman boarded a school bus in Alabama, took a 6-year-old boy hostage and killed the driver who tried to save him, police said Wednesday.

The incident occurred Tuesday and continued into Wednesday morning, with authorities still desperately trying to free the young child, who was being held by the gunman in an underground bunker. [...]

Late in the evening Tuesday, the shooter had the child in some sort of underground bunker or storm shelter, and authorities were communicating with him through a PVC pipe, CNN affiliate WSFA reported.

An underground bunker with a PVC pipe communication system? Very Doomsday Prepper-ish.

And in Phoenix, Arizona, not long after former Representative Gabrielle Giffords spoke to the Senate Judiciary Committee, a man shot multiple people at a local business.

PHOENIX - Firefighters say five people were injured during a shooting at a workplace near 16th Street and Glendale.

They say three people were shot and have life threatening injuries. The other two people have other injures that aren't life threatening.

Officers are still looking for the suspect, who is described as a white man in his 60's.

And this week a 69 year old man shot a young man in his driveway who accidentally went to the wrong house.

The Old White Guys With Guns demographic is coming unglued.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    A gunman boarded a school bus in Alabama, took a 6-year-old boy hostage and killed the driver who tried to save him, police said Wednesday.

    If only more people on the bus would have lunged at the bad guy with a gun, then this problem would have been solved! [/sarcasm]

  • Ned F

    Why is it the states, (and those same gun-owners), which are vehemently opposed to any perceived infringement on second amendment rights and unfettered constitutional freedom to own whatever firearm with no regulation whatsoever, the same ones that will, without fail, come up with a new restriction every month denying the constitutional right of women to choose an abortion? One could buy twenty guns in the time it takes to be granted an abortion in Arkansas or Kansas. Can you imagine? Gotta wait 36 hours, go to counseling, get an ultrasound, perhaps a vaginal probe, force to see the ultrasound, go to bible class, travel 200 miles, maybe to the next state. Can you imagine South Carolina being really proud there’s only one gun shop the state? Oh, but we have to protect the helpless unborn, how about the already born?

  • Draxiar

    Gun problem? What gun problem?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I still can’t get over this loon over on HuffPo telling me there’s no difference between a semiautomatic assault rifle and a barrel of gunpowder, to the point that Adam Lanza could have pulled off the exact same massacre in 1780. Lanza could have just as easily used his horse-drawn carriage to haul a barrel of 1780-vintage gunpowder to Sandy Hook Elementary School, carried the barrel into the school (perhaps concealed under his coat), brought it into a classroom, used any one of whatever devices existed in 1780 to set it off, and killed 20 kids and 6 teachers before anyone had a chance to run away, take cover, call for help, or stop him.

    Therefore, since “mass killings” like the one at Sandy Hook were just as possible in 1780 as they are today, the risks associated with firearms, with their existence, manufacture, sale, purchase, ownership, use and misuse, are absolutely, exactly and precisely the same now as they were then.

    My freaking head hurts.