Naked Body Scanners to Be ‘Redeployed’

Well, dammit, I thought these things were gone for good. Out of airports, yes, but distributed to other government agencies.

But the approximately 250 scanners that the TSA has pledged to remove won’t go unused for long: The TSA has entered into an agreement with Rapiscan Systems, the company that makes them, to redeploy the devices “to other mission priorities within the government,” as the TSA put it in an official blog post.

“We are working with the TSA to send them to other government agencies that already use the technology,” said Peter Kant, executive vice president at Rapiscan, in a phone interview with TPM. Rapiscan is a subsidiary of OSI Systems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Douglas-Jones/1039564193 Douglas Jones

    Why leave it to the TSA? Michele Bachmann would be well advised to author legislation to make sure this happens. She should call it “The Michael Chertoff Must Keep His Wingnut Welfare Act.”

  • D_C_Wilson

    Area 51?