Priorities: 67 No Votes for Sandy Relief. 1 No Vote for DOMA.

67 Republicans voted against relief for Hurricane Sandy victims today, but only 1 single Republican voted against additional funding for the hopeless legal defense of DOMA.

via ThinkProgress

On a 228-196 vote, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives adopted a rules package for the 113th Congress that explicitly authorizes the House’s legal arm to spend taxpayer dollars to defend the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). They embraced this unnecessary spending minutes after newly re-elected Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) warned that the rising national debt was an “anchor” weighing down the American Dream.

At the behest of John Boehner and Eric Cantor, former Solicitor General Paul Clement will continue preparing to face the Supreme Court again.

Clement previously tried, and failed, to defeat Obamacare on behalf of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB).

The lone Republican who voted NO was Walter Jones (NC).

  • Gary Jackson

    Uh, stupid person whom wrote this article, the REASON the Sandy Relief Bill was tabled was because 68% of the spending was for NON-Sandy related PORK. That’s right, 68% of the spending HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HELPING VICTIMS OF SANDY!

    And we wonder why the government is now, thanks to Obama’s “fiscal cliff” deal, TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! Obama’s “deal” ADDS $3.9 TRILLION to our debt according to the non-partisan CBO.

    Our yearly GDP is only $14 trillion, and dropping. Thanks to liberalism, and corrupt politicians in both parties, America is effectively bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. What Obama has done is completely unsustainable.

    Those calling for the passage of that original Sandy bill should be taken out and horsewhipped in the public square! That includes both democrats and Republican lawmakers, Lard ass Governor Christie, and stupid pundits who have no idea what they are talking about.

    • Scopedog

      (Shakes head sadly)

      Whatever, dude. Try decaf tomorrow.

    • JMAshby

      Herpity Derpity Doo

      • Gary Jackson

        Uh, incredibly stupid person who wrote this dreck, even far left socialist NYC Mayor Micheal Bloomberg is saying BLAME THE PORK, not Republicans for the delay on the Sandy vote:

        “Bloomberg: Blame pork, not Boehner, for Sandy relief delay;”

        This article claims only 25% pork, still criminal in it’s intent, but credible sources all say between 60 and 68% of the bill was unrelated pork.

        I know democrats, by nature, wallow in ignorance, but if you are going to blog, get it right or give it up!

        BTW, what are you, three years old? What an incredibly idiotic response from you.

        • mrbrink

          25% pork???!!!

          You idiot. That pork represents disaster related infrastructure– flood protection, intended to prepare the country for future storms. The storms that are wreaking havoc on our cities because republicans think science is the devil and climate change is a liberal hoax. Well, we’ll get the last laugh at the bottom of the sea.

          So, if you take it to its logical ends, you’re basically employing the mother of all class warfare tactics to achieve a tidy biblical end to all this mooching.

          You’re a mustache twirling party of psychos and people are catching on to the lows to which you will sink to realize your dreams of becoming a night club comic.

        • JMAshby

          Yes, I am a three year old child prodigy.

        • nicole

          Speaking of wallowing in ignorance… are a feral buffoon seemingly without the ability to read, think, understand the topics which you’ve chosen to massacre.

          Good job, Boffo.

    • mrbrink

      Like, that’s just your opinion, man.

      What Republicans have done for income equality, democracy, civil rights, foreign policy, the debt and deficit over the last 33 years is nothing short of treason.

      You don’t get to lecture anyone about anything ever again. Get out of politics altogether. You are allied with the most incompetent political party in modern American history and you keep beating the idiot drum. We’re still recovering from your idea of responsible leadership because Reagan tripled the debt. Bush II looted the treasury leading to unprecedented income inequality and the Great Recession. The Waltons now own more wealth than the bottom 40% of the country because of your trickle down socialist policies for the wealthy. Our debt to GDP after WW2 was much worse, and Republicans keep saying we’re going down like Greece, and yet, they do everything they can to make that happen. They’re flooring it over cliffs, and crashing through ceilings, and bowling over the great majority of the American people like innocent bystanders on the street.

      Why do your policy remedies always have to hurt people? You break it, you don’t pay for it, and then you tell everyone how broken it is.

      You can’t get away with this stuff anymore in the information age.

      • JMAshby

        Yes, but, I am a bitter white man who just discovered Dr Jones grail diary buried in the archives of World Net Daily and it lead me to the cup of everlasting stupidity.

        Your argument is invalid.

    • JMAshby

      Are you a Doomsday prepper?

    • nicole

      So, what type of an arsenal do you keep in your bedroom? Just curious. After all, you are definitely the type of wingnutty sufferer of tiny penis syndrome who must keep guns in order to feel manly.

      Just sayin’……

    • Victor_the_Crab

      You’re sick! Get help. Take pills. LOTS of pills!

    • villemar

      I got a good few lols from reading your inane droolings tonight. Thanks for that, Cletus. And by the way, I see you’re a secessionist. Why don’t you go attack Fort Sumter?

  • kushiro -

    I could get angry at these people about this, but then I think of how tragic it must be to be married for years or decades, and to be fully committed to a union you value and treasure above all else, only to wake up one morning and find that some people you’ve never met have done something that has nothing to do with you, and now it turns out it you were wrong and it was worthless after all.

    Remember, the only worth your relationship has is determined by circumstances beyond your control.