Open Thread

Scratch the “Uphold” Line

Artist - David Fitszimmons

Esquire Magazine has resurrected a very extensive profile of Chuck Hagel's opposition to the Iraq war written by Charles Pierce in 2007. It's worth the read if you'd like a refresher.

Also -- state authorities and the FBI have reportedly become involved in the now-infamous Steubenville rape case. If you need to catch up on that, there's a fairly comprehensive summary here. And it's not justice, but in a case of well-deserved comeuppance, the kid filmed laughing hysterically about the girl being raped is no longer a student at Ohio State University.

  • villemar

    Little ancecdote about Chuck Hagel: back in 2000 I was pretty enmeshed in the whole FL recount situation and even had kind of a proto-blog about it wherein I collected all of the voting anamoly stories in one place. I was really impressed when I read in Salon one day that Hegel bucked his party and became the *only* Republican in the Senate or House to support recounting all of the votes in Florida. That motivated me to write him an email to express my support & admiration of this stance. Soon afterwards I received a phone call from Hegel’s head staffer saying that the Senator wanted to relay his appreciation for the sentiment. Considering I wasn’t even a constituent, and this was just based on a spontaneous email, that kind of thing really gave me a favorable impression of the guy which remains to this day.