Tea Party Support Falls to Record Low

And it was never all that huge in the first place -- loud as hell, but not huge. The Republican Party made the mistake of confusing the two things.

According to a new Rasmussen poll released Monday, the Tea Party is less popular than it has ever been, with only 30% of likely voters saying they hold favorable views of the group. Nearly half (49%) have unfavorable views.

HuffPost reports that the Tea Party’s favorability rating has taken a substantial nosedive since 2009, when a majority of likely voters approved.

Besides just voter favorability ratings, the Tea Party movement as a whole is seen to be declining, as evidenced by the poll. Over half of likely voters (56%) said the Tea Party has become less influential in the past year and only 8% said they identified as a part of the group.

  • BD

    The Tea Party movement is very similar (though considered to be at different spectrums politically) to the OWS movement. People of various beliefs finding the beliefs they may (or may not) agree upon because they are sick of what is happening. To generalize both sides would go like this: right leaning Tea Party affiliates tend to want less of their taxes to be taken by an ever expanding and ever-unaccountable government while the majority of them wish to use the taxes they permit to murder and invade abroad (based on this current regime, they have gotten half of their wishes); left leaning “Occupiers” were angry that they have outstanding student loans and no jobs while corporate bailouts permitted Wall Street to get rich while they pay no attention to the source of this problem…the central bank (FED).
    Essentially both groups support theft by a government, just one would rather kill with it and the other would rather punish and impoverish. Nothing really changes when the torch is passed. Bush murders and invades, Obama murders and invades even more. Bush regime increases debt while Obama regime increases debt even more. All the while morons bicker as if they have a choice. The choice is how much will be allowed to be taken and how many will be allowed to be killed. Follow the money…it is the banking elites, their cartel of international banking and the men and women they purchase to do their biddings (politicians).

  • mrbrink

    This is why there are rumblings about Republicans maybe being more worried about the 2014 midterm general election, rather than the primary, or being primaried by a nuttier nut.

    It appears the crazy tide has begun to subside.

  • nicole

    When a discussion of the not-a-grassroots-org the Tea Party ensues, I like to remind everyone of two facts:

    1- Charles and David Koch had nothing to do with it!
    2- It was never because they hated the black man!
    Seriously, it evidently doesn’t matter if a majority disapproves of them. The TP wreaked absolute havoc in many states over the past two years…hell, those stupid, narrow-minded, inbred bastards destroyed Michigan!

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Matt Taibbi had the so-called Tea Party™ pegged back in 2010: “They’re full of shit.”

    The whole thing was a sham, a charade, an improv act that was part of the larger improv act that is Republican politics. I don’t care if any of its adherents took it seriously or felt like they were part of something real; they were, and are, all unwitting performers in an elaborate, ongoing production of improvisational theatre.

    The Tea Party™ is the political equivalent of professional wrestling.

    I could never take the Tea Party™ seriously for two reasons: (1) The people involved were out there pretending to be outraged by things they were fine with between 2001 and 2008 (and vice-versa); and (2) the “movement” as a whole admired itself way, way too much. Tea Party™ people could always be counted on to (1) disclaim any support for the previous administration or the 107th, 108th and 109th Congresses, and (2) tell me that I “just don’t understand what the Tea Party™ is all about.” My response was always the same: It’s not that I don’t get it, I just don’t believe it. They’d tell me I should read and listen to what Tea Party™ people have to say and not what the “liberal media” is telling me. No good, I said; I never take seriously or literally what any political movement has to say about itself, least of all one that admires itself as much as the Tea Party™.

    If there is one reason why the Tea Party™ is fading into irrelevance, it’s this: They spent two years shrieking that the world was about to end, and the world is still here. It’s no more complicated than that. When all you can talk about is how everything has been, is being, and is about to be destroyed, and nothing is actually destroyed, you tend to lose credibility. I actually heard a Tea Party™ person say, in March of 2009, that President Obama had, after barely two months in office, quote, “already destroyed most of the country.” There is no universe within human perception in which a statement like that makes any sense at all, then or now. People listened to Tea Party™ rhetoric, then turned off the TV and radio, looked around at the real world and said, “WTF are these people so freaked out about?”

    • i_am_allwrite

      The tea party for me will forever be defined by an NPR piece that ran in the run up to the 2010 elections. A reporter was interviewing some dumbass windbag bitch at a rally, and said bitch noted that she carried a copy of the Constitution in her purse, which she said Obama violated routinely as president. When the reporter asked how, specifically, Obama was violating the Constitution, the tea partier answered, “Well, it’s not like I spend all my time READING it.” She was too stupid to even be embarrassed.

      That’s the tea party in a nutshell: a bunch of angry dumbasses carrying around unopened and unread copies of the Constitution.

      • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

        “That’s the tea party in a nutshell: a bunch of angry dumbasses carrying around unopened and unread copies of the Constitution”.
        Yep, guns and misspelled signs as well!

        • i_am_allwrite

          It’s too bad they don’t open them: “What’s this word?” would make a great slogan for the movement.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        Kind of like the Joe Miller-supporting Alaska yokels that Rachel Maddow interviewed right before the midterms. They were positive that AG Holder was “anti-gun,” indeed “the most anti-gun AG in history,” but had absolutely no facts or understanding of reality to back it up. (One guy said, “Look at his voting record,” and was gently informed by Rachel that Holder has never been a member of any legislature and thus has no voting record.) That was one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. And what depresses me the most is that all it would take is a little information and a little understanding to break this obscene fever dream.

        • i_am_allwrite

          There’s a reason the right likes to under-fund education.

  • JozefAL

    “HuffPost reports that the Tea Party’s favorability rating has taken a substantial nosedive since 2009, when a majority of likely voters approved.”
    And, not so coincidentally, that was a full year before the Teabaggers took over the GOP and got so many of their ilk in Congress. Maybe those “likely voters” saw how the Teabaggers’ words turned into (in)action once they got into office, as well as the Teabaggers’ own level of hypocrisy (perhaps they remember the ‘baggers who raised hell that they didn’t get covered by the House healthcare plan until they took their oath of office while they’d spent more than a year complaining about how bad “government-run healthcare” was).

  • Linda Harris Pettit

    They are all alive and well on my facebook page.

    • MrDHalen


  • scifritz

    The “loud as hell” is what mattered at one time. Loud + some media support got some real dimwits into congress and state government to really put a monkey wrench into progress.

  • D_C_Wilson


    I’m amazed it’s still that high.

    Then again, it confirms my belief that a percentage of Americans are just hopelessly stupid. I just have to keep adjusting the figure upwards.