Epic Fail

The Absurdity of the GOP’s Debt Ceiling Bill

Yesterday, Reuters curiously reported that the House Republicans' bill to raise the debt ceiling would not include a specific dollar amount, and now we know why.

The House plans to vote Wednesday on a measure that would leave the $16.4 trillion debt limit intact but declare that it “shall not apply” from the date the measure passes until mid-May.

This approach -- novel in modern times -- would let Republicans avoid a potentially disastrous fight over the debt limit without actually voting to let the Treasury borrow more money.

House Republicans aren't raising the debt ceiling, they're temporarily suspending it.

The obvious question is -- if they're willing to suspend it for nearly four months, why not suspend it permanently?

And the answer is just as obvious -- they aren't willing to part ways with their ability to take a hostage in an emergency situation. An emergency such as having to actually govern or formally vote against progressive legislation supported by a majority of Americans. That would be too bad.

Little do they know moves like this prove, almost conclusively, that they're all talk.

They aren't willing to default, they aren't willing to be seen voting to raise the debt ceiling, and they aren't willing to let go of their hostages without recourse. Because, shockingly, the "strength of their ideas" just isn't enough.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    “They aren’t willing to default, they aren’t willing to be seen voting to
    raise the debt ceiling, and they aren’t willing to let go of their
    hostages without recourse.”

    They are pricks. Silly, obnoxious, and incompetent pricks.

  • muselet

    The House Rs are trying to put the administration into a bind: if Treasury doesn’t borrow (which it won’t have explicit permission to do), drastic cuts will have to go into effect which the Rs will screech about, and if Treasury does borrow, the Rs will screech about tyranny and Hitler and Stalin and Mao. This scheme is so stupid, my money says this is merely the first attempt to create an impeachable offense!

    Where is a meteorite when you really need one?


    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      Nothing about these House idiots would surprise me anymore, Alo. I hope to hell they all get voted out in two years.

      • muselet

        I prefer the meteorite solution, but a resounding loss in the next midterms will have to do.


        • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole


  • trgahan

    How much more obvious can the GOP be that they are punting and praying that public opinion swings back their way like in late 2009?

    In Utah, there is a newly formed group of “average business owners” signing a Fix the Debt pledge and working to get average citzens to sign the petition as well. The goal is to provide lawmakers with support from Americans to do what needs done! They provide no specifics on what they actually want done out side of “everything is on the table.”

    So get ready for Tea Party v2.0.

  • priscianusjr

    Well, I guess this means the sky’s the limit as far as the GOP is concerned.