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The Dail Banter Mail Bag Cut Obamacare Somehow

This week's questions. Answers here.

1) Neither political party is happy with the deal that was cut regarding the media-riffic misnomer known as the "fiscal cliff." The fact of the matter is that the GOP pretty much got what it demanded in the form of spending cuts to programs like Obamacare. That's just reality, and that they continue to tantrum is irrelevant. What's the point of Obamacare if it's piecemeal repealed via crappy legislative bargaining like this? Did not the President just win re-election? And this isn't "liberal angst" you're hearing. It's coming from a 2008/2012 Obama supporter that's demanding better.

2) What are your thoughts on Al Gore selling Current TV to Al Jezeera?

3) The NRA is already making it clear they won't accept any of the vice president's gun control recommendations. Will any good come from the White House's push for sensible gun control?

  • IrishGrrrl

    Bob, there was a commenter on here last week that said something about billions being cut from Obamacare in the Fiscal Cliff deal. I didn’t know if it was true but I did argue that if it is true, that money was specifically set for expanding Obamacare in future and it is something that can get refunded if our economy and therefore revenue continues to improve. The alternative of letting us go into another economic downturn due to the Fiscal Cliff really wasn’t an option as the damage would have been much, much greater than this “projected” loss of Obamacare funds. Why risk a disaster that WILL happen for a POTENTIAL smaller loss in future?

    • SlapFat

      I was the commenter you’re referring to, and what I said was true. Another person in this comment section called “Guest” also appears to know what I am referring to. Bob didn’t answer the first question very well in this past week’s mailbag because he wasn’t too aware of what got cut in the fiscal cliff deal. That’s unfortunate because there were programs that got funding slashed, and Obamacare was one of them.

      Going further over the so-called “cliff” and negotiating more would have been the thing to do, but the Democrats lacked the gumption to do that. It was pathetic but that’s what they ended up doing. Forward? I guess so.

  • Guest