The New Face of the Paranoid Pro-Gun Crowd

Alex Jones delivered another epic rant following his CNN appearance. It gets really crazy around 10:00.

He claims that he was followed by mysterious armed thugs. He doesn't say whether they were MK-Ultra operatives flying around in black helicopters. But he was definitely thinking it.

  • villemar

    The worst are the Sandy Hook Truthers. I’m sure Alex Jones will be on this bandwagon if he’s not already. Sick fucks.

  • mrbrink

    What the fuck is this guy so paranoid about? He’s been ranting and raging and recounting stories of secret people stalking him for years.

    This goofy fuck had a platform on Piers Morgan because the globalists are always trying to silence Alex Jones!

    Hilarious. “This could be my last report…”


    And he knew I would laugh at that! How did he know!?

    Tune in next week to see if our cult leader hero can escape the shadowy figures and government agents who have been chasing him for 20 years, now.

  • beth

    I could only get through the first few minutes but he said he and his cameraman were walking around NYC, taping video and were being followed by armed thugs but for some reason, there’s not a video of these armed thugs. Are they super secret thugs wearing invisibilty cloaks?

  • nicole

    A television commercial featuring this freak spewing for a minute or two would be effective. Just imagine…….

    Alex Jones: 1-2 minutes of spewing his “new world order” crap, full screen. The image of Jones then shrinks (still spewing, but silenced), moves to a corner of the screen as Dennis Haysbert appears, and states “Ladies and gentlemen……..that (points to image of Jones) is the face of the NRA.”.

  • JimmyAbra

    Isn’t this the same guy where all the Paulites get their “news”? Figures…