The NRA’s Enemies List

Rats. I didn't make the NRA's enemies list, but then again it's made up of organizations and not publications or individual people, so there's still a chance for another list.

Oh and yes. The NRA has an enemies list. For real.

And the group that made this video is definitely on the list.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Reminds me of Steve Buscemi in Billy Madison:

  • LK3

    And seriously, are they in high school? They have an enemy list?

  • LK3

    That’s a whole lot of hate.
    I know many members may not agree with all of the NRA’s beliefs but why would anyone want to be associated with such anger and hatred. For goodness sake, they heckled a Newtown dad. Sick.

  • Draxiar

    “…not publications or individual people, so there’s still a chance for another list.”
    If you go to the bottom of the list there is a link that brings you to the comments where the list continues and does list publications and people…lots of people. Bob, you didn’t make the list…but I didn’t either so don’t feel bad.
    This is an utterly exhaustive list and makes wonder what exactly it means to be listed.