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The Republican Effort to Steal Electoral Votes from Blue States

My Monday column begins like so:

When reality began to disprove Republican ideas, instead of coming up with better ideas, conservatives created their own television news network to broadcast their "side" of reality, as if reality has "sides." When the neoconservative faction of the Republican Party wanted to invade, occupy and rebuild Iraq as a free market, oil-rich utopia, they fabricated evidence as a pretext for war. When they needed to ascertain information about terrorism, they engaged in the immoral, illegal act of torture. When voter demographics shifted and minorities and immigrants began to overwhelmingly favor the Democratic Party, Republicans disenfranchised those voters with nefarious plots like voter ID laws, voter purges, fewer voting machines at targeted precinct polling places and shortened early voting calendars. When the first African American presidential candidate was poised to win his party's nomination, the Republicans set about a campaign of disinformation and conspiracy theories in order to discredit him as an anti-white, Muslim terrorist, communist and, contradictorily, a Nazi fascist.

See a pattern? Whenever it's faced with a serious challenge to its seemingly dwindling power, the modern Republican Party cheats.

Such is the case with the Republican Party's newest plan to steal presidential elections.

Instead of improving their ground game or appealing to broader demographics to reinforce their dying and marginalized brand, Republican legislatures in at least four swing states are, with the support of Reince Priebus and the RNC, attempting to rewrite the rules for how each state's electoral votes are distributed to the presidential candidates. [continue reading here]

  • Victor_the_Crab

    The Republican’s new motto: “If, at first, you don’t succeed, cheat!”

  • muselet

    The GOP does what it does because it can. The Very Serious People, the Villagers and our glorious news media are all wired to take Rs seriously on all things. If the Ds tried anything even one-tenth as brazen, the howls of outrage from all quarters would be deafening.

    I hope Barack Obama gets to put a couple of new justices on the Supreme Court before it gets any cases involving Republican shenanigans.

    [geek] You touched on the moment when JJ Abrams’s clunky Star Trek nearly made me walk out of the theater, or at least throw something at the screen. For 35 years, Cadet Kirk’s solution to the Kobayashi Maru simulation was hinted at and spoken of with awe, and we were left to conclude that it must have been an amazing bit of lateral thinking to enable him to win a no-win test. In JJ Abrams’s hands, Kirk simply cheats and smirks his way through the test. This is one of many reasons I insist JJ Abrams can’t tell a story to save his life.

    Let the flaming begin. [/geek]


    • Victor_the_Crab

      Meh! I couldn’t really give a rat’s rump about either the Star Trek franchise or JJ Abrams.

    • mrbrink

      Ha ha. I really liked that clunky Star Trek! But the fact that you make such a sweetly critical case to the contrary, only endears you more to me.

  • mrbrink

    Look at how the election of 2010 worked out for these cut throat candy asses.

    One mid-term election has altered the course of American history like Biff going back in time with a sports almanac. It’s so fucking bizarre, how, at this point in our history, when natural momentum for solving problems relating to climate change and rising sea levels and how we think about energy production, and we’re being stunted by low-brow dim wits who want to scrap alternative energy projects and get back to digging in the dirt at an unnaturally frantic pace.

    In other words, this republican party is an abomination of nature. A contradiction of science and technology, discovery and enlightenment. They are to progress what Christianity is to war. An attempted suppression of the mind and body of the person standing next to you. And since they’re losing confidence in stripping you of your rights and protections to your face, choosing to, as Bob writes: “Day after day, state-level Republican lawmakers are quietly passing far-right malevolent laws while Democrats engage in schadenfreude over the 2012 election results and the allegedly rudderless Republican Party.”

    The 2010 mid-term election did this.

    Now I’m not saying that electing Barack Obama twice is some unremarkable counter-weight to this unnatural wingnut force in our politics, but people in this country, when polled, over and over, reject the GOP outright and support the President’s agenda on a majority of issues.

    Republicans are a scientifically verified unnatural ascendancy in the American power structure.

    Elections matter. Instead of dividing up the more densely populated blue districts where people live and work in a more diverse metropolis economy, Republicans are just taking all their power and their popular votes, and redistributing them to an unnatural force in American democracy.

    Activists and civil minded people in this country should plan on no days off until 2020.

    Great column, Bob. Well said all around.

  • Draxiar

    Words are too feeble to express my frustration with the Republican party right now. The only way to describe it is the black scribble over a Peanuts character when they’re mad.
    At this point they seem positively unredeemable.