President Obama

The Satisfied Grin of a Man Who’s Earned His Post

The president taking one last look at the crowd at the National Mall:

I really get the sense from both the president's absolutely satisfied grin in this video and the way the Obamas are practically bounding down Pennsylvania Avenue that this time they feel like they've earned this second term based on their own merit and not some sort of historical aberration. Not that the latter thing is true in any way, because the 2008 election was a marathon of stamina and unprecedented nit-picking of this guy. But there's still a perception out there which perhaps the Obamas feel like they needed to destroy once and for all. And they've done it.

  • trgahan

    The very fact he stopped to do that makes me think he knows he is part of something bigger than himself. That he truly understands he was elected by the people to lead the nation, not just service a few embedded interests waiting behind the curtain.

    Or maybe he was just checking the crowd for guns to take away and minorities to give Cadillac’s to…

  • mrbrink

    Great moment.

    See that? Goosebumps. Goosebumps.