The Word

This seems especially poignant as a significant portion of the country is currently feeling spring-time temperatures, to be followed by severe weather and Tornadoes, to be followed by ice and snow. And did I mention it's January?

Thanks for literally nothing, guys.

Note: Erick Erickson was fired by CNN today.

  • nicole

    “Erick Erickson was fired by CNN today.”

    They should never have hired him in the first damn place.

    CNN has little credibility for me at this point.

  • SlapFat

    Erick Erickson was fired by CNN today.

    I actually quit watching CNN for the most part because they gave him a place to screech from. I don’t know if him leaving is going to make me see CNN as that much more useful but at very least I’m glad he’s off the air there. Why they ever invited him on in the first place is something that is beyond me.