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Virginia Republicans Sneak In Some Inaugural Gerrymandering

One Virginia Democrat would've broken the tie and stopped the Republicans from gerrymandering the state senate districts, but he was attending the inauguration with hundreds of thousands of other Americans. So the Republicans exploited his absence and did it anyway. Bad, bad form.

While the eyes of the nation were turned toward President Barack Obama’s second inauguration on Monday, the Virginia State Senate managed to hurriedly pass a bill that would redistrict the state’s senate seats. [...]

According to Virginia politics blogger Ben Tribbett, the move could potentially eliminate at least one Democratic seat, the 25th district, which currently belongs to former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sen. Creigh Deeds (D).

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Fucking POSs, these Virginia Republicans.

  • nicole

    Modern Republicans are little fascists who feel very, very entitled.

    We really need to do something about the gerrymandering.

  • gescove

    Stay classy, Republicans.

  • Brutlyhonest

    I have to get out of this shithole.

  • D_C_Wilson

    They also then adjourned in honor of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. All that was missing was a proclamation declaring yesterday to be Nathan Bedford Forrest Day.

    • muselet

      As the saying goes, they’re not even trying to hide it any more.