Warmest Year On Record

According to NOAA, 2012 was the warmest year on record in the lower 48 states, besting the previous record set in 1998.

via The Weather Channel

According to the U.S. "State of the Climate" report released Thursday by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, 2012 was the warmest year on record in the contiguous U.S. (Lower 48 states), in records dating to 1895.

The average temperature for the Lower 48 States in 2012 (55.3 deg. F) bested the previous record warm year, 1998, by a full degree Fahrenheit, and was 3.2 degrees F above the long-term average in the 20th century.

Nineteen states had a record warm year in 2012. Another 26 states had at least a top 10 warmest year in 2012. Every state in the Lower 48 States had at least above-average warmth in 2012. Only Alaska was cooler than average in 2012.

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"It's snowing! In Winter! Where's the global warming?" -Sean Hannity

  • mrbrink

    Record snow droughts in Illinois this year. Something like 287 days without measurable snow that only ended recently. For me, the snowfall in Illinois has been barely measurable.

    So, it’s actually not snowing in Winter!

    And Hannity should be in prison for that pretty little mouth of his.